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Writing Action Scenes

Do you want to kick your book’s impact into high gear? Grab your reader’s attention and never let it go? Create a pace for your story that thrills your reader to the end and has them one-clicking the next book? Create great action scenes! This two-week course, applicable to writers at any stage in their […]

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12 Things to do Before You Publish Your Book

No matter your route to publication, traditional publisher or self-publishing, there are a lot of large and small tasks that must be accomplished before you hit publish on a book. This is not a complete list, it’s a quickie cheat sheet to give you an idea of the size, scope, and timelines required to publish […]

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Write Away the Writer's Block

Most writers have suffered from some form of writer’s block in their careers. In this two-week class we are going to work through ways to combat writer's block and get ourselves unstuck. Because sometimes getting unstuck requires a little help from your friends! Join us to work through that blockage, one word, one sentence, one […]

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Crazy Easy Digital Organization Skills for Authors

Writers have to keep track of so much information! Overflowing inboxes, lost maps, and what color were my hero's eyes anyway? Enter the modern age with digital tools to help organize everything from scraps of paper, future story ideas, world-building details, or the best reviews you've ever received! What we'll cover How to reach Inbox […]

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Writing Flash Fiction

Have you ever thought of writing flash fiction, but didn’t, because you didn’t know where to start? Writing short can be tricky – you have to make every word count to convey a compelling, complete story in 100-1500 words. Laura will teach you how, helping you decide what to write about, how to develop standout […]

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Master Story Point of View

Recognize and write the POV that suits your story Choose and use the right Point of View to showcase the emotional drama and intrigue in your story. Industry professionals are quickly put off by head-hopping borne of poor POV mastery, or POV that doesn’t make the most of the story structure.  The voice of the […]

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The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Travel bans, social distancing, lost hugs, work, communication. Hospitals overflow, and, first-liners are overwhelmed and overworked. High fevers. Intubation. Death. If we did not know better, the last couple of years could be the stuff of a big-screen blockbuster. A movie some may not believe. But all too real, we worry. We struggle. We celebrate […]

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The Power of the Monologue

Writing great dialogue is about so much more than the words the characters are speaking. When done right, it manipulates emotions in both the book characters and the readers. As such, learning to write sparkly dialogue is something every author should spend time analyzing. When you do this, you’re going to discover there are techniques […]

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Making Rapid Release Work for You

Course description coming soon...

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The Bane of Backstory

No character was born the moment the book starts – just like humans, characters have history: joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness, good times and bad times. The sum of our experiences make us what WE are and, ultimately, determine the choices we make.  Characters are exactly the same. Backstory makes characters “breathe” – to […]

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Establish a Ghostwriting Business and (Finally!) Monetize Your Talent

Despite ghostwriting’s deep historical roots and thriving modern practice in the publishing industry, ghostwriting is still largely cloaked in secrecy. Writers often weigh the allure of additional income, creative freedom, and a chance to grow their craft in a risk-free environment against what literary purists believe is an exercise in deception. Art may be a […]

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How to Argue with Your Editor

There may come a time—there will come a time. You and your editor have locked horns over some point of grammar or word choice or plot development. She insists that what you are doing is wrong, awkward, unprofessional, or not beneficial. You insist that this is how you want it. Where do you go from here? This […]

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Help!! No One Wants What I Write!

I’m a firm believer in writing what you love, not what you think will sell. For example, I write in two genres that have fallen out of favor with the big New York publishing houses…paranormal romance (PNR) and urban fantasy (UF). And not just any urban fantasy. Mine has the dreaded V-word…vampires. But did I […]

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6 Week Author Mentoring Intensive

Are you looking for guidance and direction for your writing career? Have you written your book, but don’t know what to do next? Not sure how to promote your books with social media? Interested in self-publishing, but aren’t sure where to start or how much it costs? Julie’s Author Mentoring Intensive is for you! This […]

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Using Story Structure to Build a Novel Quarter by Quarter

Writing a novel is like hiking up a mountain with a backpack loaded with rocks. Each rock is an essential part of your story. These include plot, characters, setting and much more. But working with them all together, in relation to the whole story, can become overwhelming. The Quarter Solution After I discovered four-part story […]

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Pintip Dunn Is Winning Awards!

NYT bestselling author Pintip Dunn’s MALICE was recently recognized on ALA’s Hal Clement Notable Young Adult Boon List for best science fiction! Malice is about a girl who finds out that a boy in her class will invent a virus that wipes out half the world... ten years from now. She must decide if she […]

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Lynette Finch Chosen Judges' Favorite in Ink & Insights 2020

Margie Lawson has just guided me to my first win in a writing competition. Two immersions, several Fab 30s, including one coming up, and every other course Margie offers and finally I might have nailed story structure, writing fresh, and pacing because I have just come in second in the 2020 Ink and Insights writing […]

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UPDATE: Wild Women and the Blues is an Amazon #1 Bestseller! Margie Immersion Grad Denny S. Bryce is excited about her debut historical fiction,  Wild Women and the Blues coming from Kensington Books on March 30, 2021! Ordinary People meets Chicago the musical as played out in the city's Black Belt, Wild Women and the Blues is a mainstream […]

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Vanessa Riley Signs Adjoa Andoh to Read Audio for Island Queen

So excited!!! Lady Danbury, the fabulous Adjoa Andoh is going to read Island Queen for the audiobook! Island Queen is Vanessa's debut in Historical Fiction and retells the remarkable life of Dorothy Kirwan Thomas, entrepreneur, feminist, Royal mistress. Dorothy is a controversial woman who buys her freedom and that of her family and becomes one […]

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Facebook Ads for Authors 2021

Facebook ads can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to books and increase sales, but there’s a lot that’s changing this year. Here’s a quick recap of what’s what and what authors can expect. The Backstory To start, let’s look at the context that is driving the big changes we’ll see in 2021. Facebook […]

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