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Creative Imagery: A New Superpower for Writers

Fiction writers need superpowers. Let creative imagery become one of yours!

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Tracking Tension and the Fizzle Factor

You know your story needs tension, ideally tension on every page.

Want to learn how to optimize tension with body language and visceral responses?

Want to learn how to be strategic with style and structure so your tension carries the most power?

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Fast-Track Your Creativity

Learn unexpected ways to freshen your ideas and your writing with deep edit expert and creative psychologist, Margie Lawson. Margie will teach you how to see your scenes, notice things you’ve missed, feel your POV character’s emotions, and share what you've learned on the page in powerful ways.

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Get Strategic with Style and Structure!

You can make a sell-more-books difference if you’re strategic on every page.

Learn Margie’s Top 8 Ways to be Strategic with Style and Structure:

  1. Add power to high emotion scenes and turning points.
  2. Create a sense of urgency and increase tension.
  3. Boost style and make the reader smile.
  4. Make openings and endings pop.
  5. Deepen characterization.
  6. Slip in the POV character’s age and other hits of backstory
  7. Theme to make your writing cool and help you write NYT-fresh!
  8. Give your writing a boost with power words and backloading and switchback lines.
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Making Silence Boom!

Silence happens—in real life and on the page. But sometimes when writers share silence on the page it’s blah-blah bland. Powerless. It’s stated, then the scene continues.

But in real life, what happens when a room goes silent?

How you convey silence on the page needs to be fresh and powerful.

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Pulverize Procrastination Using Your Personality and the Stages of Change
Instructions for Making 2021 Your Best Writing Year Ever!
Five easy steps you can complete in this 90 minute webinar!
  1. Learn Margie's DUH Plan, then grin and commit.
  2. Learn The Six Stages of Change and where you get stuck.
  3. Learn your strengths and how to use them.
  4. Do Margie's 'Who Are You?' exercise and love who you are.
  5. Make your WIS-SIC Plan and take charge of each day.
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Where’s Your Spotlight?

Where are you shining your spotlight?

What do you want the reader to pay attention to—in a sentence, in a paragraph, in a passage?

Learn how to make your scenes spotlight strong!

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Eight Rules for Writing Mini-Flashbacks

In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Five Reasons to Use Mini-Flashbacks
  2. Seven Questions You Need to Ask Yourself
  3. Eight Rules for Writing Mini-Flashbacks

We’ll deep edit analyze lots of mini-flashbacks. You’ll learn what works well and how to make each of your mini-flashbacks carry an emotional punch.

As always, the detailed handout is loaded with teaching points and examples.

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The Fun and Power of Deep Editing

This webinar covers:

  1. Using levels of amplification
  2. Effective stimulus response patterns
  3. Capturing fun on the page
  4. Having fun deep editing
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Touché Cliché and Cliché Play

In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Seven ways to play with clichés.
  2. How to create and use a cliché twist file.
  3. How to find the truth that clichéd writing blocks.

This webinar is loaded with powerful examples of authors playing with clichés.

Join us, and you’ll become a trained professional cliché twister too. You’ll learn how to twist and torque and find the humor or the truth.

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Expand Time, Intensify Power

Expanding time is a brilliant tool that most writers don’t empower as much as they could. An expanded time passage that’s written well locks the reader in the POV character’s emotions. Those strong emotions keep the reader immersed in the story from one high emotion scene to the next.

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Unpredictable Sells Books!

We've all watched movies with dialogue we can predict. Watched movies with scenes we can predict. It's the same with some books.

Don't write that sometimes predictable book!

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Game-Changing Power: Sharing Impact on the POV Character

You can share impact in small ways and big ways. Sometimes that impact hits the reader with an EMOTIONAL BOOM!

You know you want more emotion. But sometimes you don’t know how to get it on the page. Sharing impact on the POV character will add emotion and depth and take your scenes from good to stellar.

Attend this webinar and I’ll show you how.

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Deep Editing On the Fly

Deep Editing on the Fly, Productivity on the Sly

Got 15 minutes? Add power to your WIP!

Attend this webinar and you’ll get Deep Editing Checklists and More!

  • Deep Edit Checklists
  • How to Boost Emotion
  • EDITS System Insights
  • Quick Ways to Add Power
  • Body Language Search Lists
  • Tips on What to Track and Why
  • Ways to Add Power to Your Day

We’ll dig deep in the loaded handout and do some quick in-webinar assignments too. Print one or more chapters of your WIP and have a red pen and some highlighters handy. Green? Blue? Pink? Orange?

This webinar is way more than how to power-punch your 15 minutes. It’s also loaded with deep editing tools you need to make your writing stellar!

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Writing Fresh Faces that Convey Real Life Emotion

We’ve all read frowns and scowls and furrowed brows. We’ve read eyes that slit and lips that tip. We’ve read so many smiles we could make a mile-high pile.

Don't give the reader things they've read before.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

-- Write Flicker-Face Expressions

-- Use the Tell a Friend Technique

-- Add Depth with Right-Time Amplification

-- Label Emotions to Carry Big-Time Power

-- Go from Emotional Set to Emotional Authenticity

-- Use Ten Rhetorical Devices to Write Fresh Faces

-- Access Your Emotions to Write Credible Expressions

Learn how to write expressions that capture emotional truth, and you’ll capture the reader too.

Come on. I’ll teach you how. No worries.

The webinar is this THURSDAY and FRIDAY! Attend one or both webinars.

Have a full social calendar? Register now and watch the recording later.

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Writing Fresh Voices that Convey Real Life Emotion

How do you get real life emotion on the page? Subtext.

Subtext ➜ Emotional Connection with Reader ➜ Page-turner ➜ Bestseller

Attend this webinar and you’ll learn seven smart how-to’s:

  1. How to write dialogue cues that carry real life emotion.
  2. How to use all six of my categories of dialogue cues.
  3. How to write them fresh like your POV character would really think.
  4. How to amplify subtext, the psychological messages behind the dialogue.
  5. How to write dialogue cues that are congruent and incongruent with the dialogue.
  6. How to write dialogue cues that sound natural, not like a writer wrote them.
  7. How to capture emotional truths on the page that will tap emotions in the reader.
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