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Jul, 2024: Lights! Camera! TENSION!

In this class, we’ll drill deep to find exactly what creates tension in a scene or a character and we’ll learn dozens of ways to make sure you’ll use Margie’s orange highlighter at all the right moments. The class includes:

  1. Setting up tension – it starts small and grows into an explosion!
  2. Different types of tension -- patterns, time clocks, raising the stakes, mis-direction
  3. How sentence structure generates tension
  4. Create a tension tracker, so each major scene builds on the one before
  5. And lots more!
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July, 2024: Make 'em Laugh - How to Write a Comedy Screenplay

So, you have an idea for a comedy screenplay? Are you in the middle of one? Have you completed several? Make ‘em Laugh is a class for both experienced and beginning writers.

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July, 2024: Stacking the Stakes

In this two-week intensive, we’ll discover ways to get your readers caring about your characters, your story and every single page until the very end.   Full of easy-to-read lectures, hands-on assignments, and plenty of opportunities for class and instructor interaction, Stack the Stakes will take a languishing story from plodding too powerful.

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July, 2024: Write Backstory With Confidence

The Write Backstory With Confidence workshop is for fiction writers who want to avoid information dumps and use backstory to provide character motivation that resonates with readers.

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Oct, 2024: Master Story Point of View

The voice of the character who is telling a story, shapes the way readers connect with the action and participants, and during Master Story Point of View you will unravel the sometimes-difficult choice about which POV to use and how to deliver it consistently.

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Sept, 2024: Story Structure Safari

Story Structure Safari’s goal is to help you dig deep into the heart of your story and focus on how to consistently meet or exceed your reader’s expectations.

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