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Dec, 2020: Dazzling Developmental Edits

Developmental editing is the first stage in preparing your manuscript for professional eyes. It helps you to build complex characters, checks that your pacing is not boring the reader, and makes sure you’ve plugged all those pesky plot holes.

In Dazzling Developmental edits, you will work one-on-one with a professional editor who will help you learn the difference between a developmental edit and a copy edit, how to accept criticism when it stings, and learn what to expect from your very first developmental edit.

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Dec, 2020: Intensive on Revision

A mini-version of the longer month-long Revision class. Online only class that offers hands-on help revising a manuscript. We will work on chunks at a time, with feedback and critiquing from New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump. The class covers plot, character, and show, not tell, but offers less homework and feedback than the month-long class. Students work on shorter segments for homework. Students will gain the tools they need to write stronger and revise better.

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Dec, 2020: It's a Wonderful Writer's Life

Celebrate your writing passion this December with a month-long low-stress class designed to:

  • inspire a daily writing habit
  • recharge your writing spirit
  • bring a sense of play into your writing

This course will provide a month’s worth of playful exercises intended to feed your writer’s soul without overwhelming you.

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Dec, 2020: Memoir - For Your Children's Children

Ever thought about writing your OWN story? Memoirs and autobiographies are the perfect way to connect with your family, to tell your story your way, and to create a lasting memory of who you are.

For Your Children's Children is packed with lectures, assignments, and opportunities to discuss, share, and explore. This hands-on course will help you write your life story to share with generations to come.

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Dec, 2020: The Truth About Writing Life and Money

Gain a clear picture of what a writing career entails, the difficulties and joys of the business. To be, or not to be, a Traditional, Indy, or Hybrid author? Learn where to make extra cash in the writing business and other key survival tactics. 

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Nov, 2020: Diving Deep into Deep Point of View

With information coming at us from all sides, at all times of the day, the world has become a here and now kind of place. No wonder authors, agents, editors and readers want to feel that same kind of immediacy with stories. They scream for deep point of view. And I mean deep!!

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Nov, 2020: Editing Magic

Through online lectures, weekly edits, and interaction with your instructor and your fellow students, we will explore the why and how of getting your manuscript as clean as possible in order to open the doors to the next step of your journey as a writer. The magical alchemy of a clean manuscript is that, without it, you will likely never get to the next step—getting a potential editor, agent, or publisher to read it.

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Nov, 2020: Go Graphic: Creating Comic Books and Graphic Novels with Zap Pow Zing Power!

Course description coming soon...

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Nov, 2020: How to Write a Novel in Evernote

Can you write on a train? On a beach? On a plane?

Paper notes get lost too easily. Hard drives crash.

Modern writing software is the answer, but software can be complicated and force you to work its way.

Enter Evernote: free, online note-taking software that stores your writing safely in the cloud.

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Nov, 2020: Swag for Authors, Publishing Professionals, & other Creatives

Do you want to engage your target audience (readers, bloggers, book reviewers, authors, clients, and customers)? Do you want them to remember your name and/or brand? Do you want their friends to check out your books and services? Giving quality swag away to these influencers is a proven way to increase word of mouth sales and turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

In this master class in hands on marketing you will learn:

  • Why swag works
  • How to narrow down the choices until you find the perfect swag for your book, business, and/or brand.
  • How to save money by creating your own swag (video tutorials)
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Nov, 2020: Where Do I Begin?

Once upon a time…. Beginning a book is often fraught with a series of questions and decisions. How do you know if you have enough of an idea for a whole book? Where do you start your story? Is it best to start with character or plot? Join New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump for an interactive workshop that teaches you how to take a germ of an idea and turn it into a story, covering the basics of goal, motivation and conflict. By the end of this class, you’ll have a solid plot and beginning to your book and be on your way to The End!

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Nov, 2020: World Genesis: World Building 101

Whether you're writing kidlit or adult, no matter if your story is Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy. Paranormal Romance, High Fantasy, Steampunk, a mash-up, or something in-between, worldbuilding is key.

In this workshop we'll focus on all aspects of worldbuilding, from where and when the story is set to the characters that populate it, the technology (and magic) they use, to their language, government, culture, and beyond. So bring your ideas, put on your adventuring gear, and lets go create a world.

Class is suitable for all levels from novice to expert and is open to all genres.

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Oct. 2020: “No One Gets Me!”: Writing Believable YA Characters

This course will demystify the teen world and help you write believable characters—one your young readers can relate to and root for. Learn the keys to crafting a novel solidly in YA, which goes far beyond the age of your main character.

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Sept, 2020: Visceral Rules: Beyond Hammering Hearts

This class is all about adding emotion to your scenes.

If you have a scene that carries a strong emotional stimulus, you usually need to give your POV character a visceral response.

You don’t want to write them in a clichéd way. You want to write them fresh, with just the right amount of power.

This is the right course for you!

I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to make your writing carry emotion that will hook your reader.  You’ll learn tips and techniques and cool ways to make your writing soar.

And — you’ll have fun!

Lectures are loaded with teaching points and examples of visceral responses.  The examples are Deep Edit Analyzed. You’ll learn what that author did to make their writing wow readers. You’ll learn how to make your writing wow readers too.

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Oct, 2020: A Deep Editing Guide to Make Your Openings Pop

This course covers:

  • what the reader needs in the opening
  • the two promises writers give readers on the first page
  • strategic use of Margie's deep editing techniques and systems, including:
  • power words and backloading
  • ten cadence-driven rhetorical devices
  • scene-themed, character-themed, and emotion-themed words
  • linear load issues
  • style and structure

Margie-Grads may know most of Margie's deep editing techniques. In this class they'll learn how to pull them together and make their openings smooth and compelling.

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Oct, 2020: Crazy Easy Social Media for Authors

Tweet like a twit? Facepalm every time you check Facebook? Feel like a pinned bug on Pinterest?

What's an author to do with all of the social media opportunities clambering for our attention?

Confused by controversy? Troubled by trolls? You'll learn the skills to control your social media presence without losing your mind.

Class includes on-line lessons and one-on-one virtual meetings to help you discover and manage your own unique brand. Lisa will make sure you have the tools to tame social media.

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