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March, 2021: Battling the Basics: The Essentials of Writing

A mechanic doesn’t pop the hood for the first time and immediately know what’s wrong with the car.  A pilot doesn’t slide into the cockpit without logging the required hours of training. A master author doesn’t magically hit the bestseller lists.

A master author knows the basics. And there are a lot of basics to master.

Writing is work. You’ve heard the saying, “You have to learn the rules to break them.” Cliché or not, good writers understand the basics. They know how to write tight. They know how to write strong. They know how to write compelling, powerful stories.

In this class, dig deep into realistic and driven dialogue.  Discover the impact of a clearly written setting. Explore character, conflict, and story arc. Learn how to use plot, placing, and tension to propel your story forward.

Writing is work. But writing can also be fun. Join me in Battling the Basics and take the first step toward seeing your name on the bestseller list.

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March, 2021: Crazy-Easy Awesome Author Websites!

What if you could have a website that would meet your needs whether you're a beginner or a NYT best selling author?

What if it could be affordable and easy to maintain?

What if you could have someone hold your hand and walk you through the entire process?

Welcome to the Crazy Easy Awesome Author Website taught by Lisa Norman (Heart Ally Books and Deleyna's Dynamic Designs -- also Margie Lawson's web designer).

Lisa will work with you every step of the way, including doing a hands-on review of your site. You'll learn what to do to maintain it, and how to update and make changes.

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March, 2021: Dazzling Developmental Edits

In Dazzling Developmental edits, you will work one-on-one with a professional editor who will help you learn the difference between a developmental edit and a copy edit, how to accept criticism when it stings, and learn what to expect from your very first developmental edit.

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March, 2021: Empowering Characters' Emotions

Want to add a psychological punch to your writing and editing?

Want to learn how to capture the full range of body language on the page?

Want to turn your work into a page-turner by powering up emotion and hooking the reader viscerally?

This class teaches you how.

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March, 2021: Navigating the Tightrope between Historical Fact and Historical Fiction

Writing good historical fiction means navigating the tightrope between historical fact and your fictional story. And there are so many places where it is easy to step off that tightrope and into the abyss of mediocre historical fiction. In this class, we will consider and practice several elements of historical fiction as well as learn by example from authors who have navigated the balance in their work.

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March, 2021: Essentials of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Whether your characters are soaring through space on a ship or through the sky on the back of a dragon, this four-week course will go over the basic elements of Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories.

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March, 2021: Just-for-you Intensive Mentorship

Finished up Nano or just have a first draft a second draft, a draft four-hundred-twenty-two, and don’t know what to do?

This just-for-you intensive mentorship is perfect for you.

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March, 2021: Profitable Facebook Ads

This is a masterclass on creating profitable Facebook Ads for authors who want to improve the ROI of their ads. Imagine spending a couple hundred dollars and making back thousands. Or knowing what your income will be month after month after month. Or building the advertising know-how and technical assets to make a viable bestseller run. This is what Profitable Facebook Ads aims to teach authors. The class covers all the elements that go into an effective, compelling ad and how best to work with Facebook to avoid pitfalls in its AI and algo. Michelle will show you all sorts of examples and what has worked and what hasn't. In addition, she'll review your ad homework and let you know of any issues or potential home runs. After the class, students can stay in touch via a Facebook group.

Note: Students should have some familiarity with how Facebook works prior to the class (how to post, how to edit, sharing links and images etc...). Expertise is not required, but students should be regular users of the platform. This class does not teach the basics. Not sure you're ready? Check out the "Before you take this class section below!"

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March, 2021: Shortcut to Your Author Career

A Shortcut To Your Author Career will transform the way you approach your author career, whether you are still writing that first manuscript, or you've published a book and want help to navigate the next stage of your career. 

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March, 2021: Submissions That Sell, and More!

Your writing is amazing. You’ve edited your manuscript until the reflection alone will blind. Congratulations!

But without an equally shiny submission, those agents/editors will never know about you, and that you could have been their next great author.

This course will teach you what you need to know to make a professional submission that will impress.

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March, 2021: Writing Thrillers and Other Dangerous Novels

Want to write a New York Times Bestseller? Thrillers, mysteries, and suspense novels consistently rank in the top 25 books on the NYT bestseller list. Some of the biggest authors in the world write dangerous novels—James Patterson, Agatha Christie, Dean Koontz, Nora Roberts, and John Grisham to name only a few.

Writing a good book with a dangerous edge has both pros and pitfalls. Julie Rowe, author of the military thriller Biological Response Team series and the thriller Outbreak Task Force series, provides a writing master class of information, insight, writing exercises, and comprehensive feedback on your dangerous novel.

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Jan-Feb, 2021: The 8-week Author

If you’ve always dreamed of writing a book, stuck in the middle of the one you are working on, or looking for some structure and support for your current novel, this class is for you. Designed to take you from idea to finished book, The 8-Week Author will cover all major components of a book, including:

  • Goal, Motivation and Conflict—the beginning building blocks of compelling plots
  • Internal Character Development—create memorable characters that readers love
  • Scene and Sequel—use this technique to create hooks, twists, and rising stakes
  • Backstory and Pacing—keep your plot moving, which keeps readers turning the pages
  • Point of View—how to write it, chose the write point of view for a scene, and maximize its power
  • Show, Not Tell—knowing when and how to show vs. tell, and how to use both effectively in narrative and dialogue.
  • Revising and Tightening—how to take the raw manuscript and make it more powerful and more memorable

The goal of this class is to help authors, regardless of their experience level, to build a strong, compelling novel from start to finish. You’ll learn new techniques and tricks for getting the most out of every page, while also honing your skills in plotting and character development.

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Jan, 2021: Not Your Mama's Character Descriptions

This power-packed two-week intensive class provides writers with hands-on tools for making character descriptions fresh and deep and powerful.

Learn how to make your character descriptions as dynamic as your characters.

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Jan, 2021: Diving Deep into Developmental Edits

This two-month course is packed full of tips, ideas, and learning opportunities not only aimed at helping writers make their current work in progress shine, but also teaching writers how to make future novels stronger.

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Feb, 2021: The Indie Author: A hands-on guide to self-publishing

Think of this course as Self-publishing with training wheels!

In this course you will learn the ins and outs of the self-publishing world. How to take your book from written to published and all the things in between. And take a guided tour via zoom through the KDP jungle and other publishing platforms.

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Feb, 2021: Intro to Screenwriting

Do you have an idea for the next big movie, but you don't know where to start?

Are you an author of a book that you'd like to turn into a movie?

If you're interested in learning the art of how to write a screenplay, you're in the right place.

Wally and Betty will be teaching what they wish someone had told them before they ever sat down to write their first screenplays.


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