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May, 2020: Where Do I Begin?

How do you know if you have enough of an idea for a whole book? Where do you start your story? Join New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump for an interactive workshop that teaches you how to take a germ of an idea and turn it into a story, covering the basics of goal, motivation and conflict. By the end of this class, you’ll have started Once Upon a Time and be on your way to The End!

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June, 2020: Words that Sell Books

Back cover copy. Synopses. Query letters. They are all used to sell your books, to readers and to editors and agents. But they’re not the easiest things to write, not if you want to create compelling, must-read marketing materials. No one likes writing these things--but they can be easier to do with this simple method that takes the plot’s ABCs and turns them into a simple synopsis covering the essential points of the story. A great novel synopsis is not just a book report; it’s also a marketing tool. Learn how to use marketing hooks to create powerful sales materials. Former Director of Communications for a marketing agency Shirley Jump will help you use NY advertising techniques to make your book more sellable!

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June, 2020: Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist

Learn how to write body language and dialogue cues from a kinesics specialist. Writers will learn how to write fresh: Body Language Basics, Vibes, Avoidance and deception cues, Specific Emotion-driven full Kinesics Patterns for anxiety, fear, joy, sadness, lust, shock, surprise . . .



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June 2020, 30 Days to a Stronger Novel

Tags Class 30 Days to a Stronger Novel

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June, 2020: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Blood, Sweat, and Tears – Writing Realistic Scenes from the Front Seat of an Ambulance is taught in tandem between Jeff Petrock and his favorite mother-in-law Julie Rowe. The pair pull no punches and participants can expect gruesome details, detailed critiques, and mildly bad language.

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June, 2020: Profitable Facebook Ads

Tags Class Profitable Facebook Ads

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June, 2020: Two Week Intensive on Staking the Stakes

You’ve put your heart, soul and every drop of blood into your characters, and the story they have to tell. You’ve created a compelling plot where characters run a gauntlet of obstacles. You’ve edited, deep edited, made sure every single word sings. You need to figure what makes the stakes of this novel personal and powerful. Easy to read lectures, hands on assignments, and plenty of opportunities for class and instructor interaction will take a languishing story from plodding to powerful.

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June, 2020: Editing Magic: Work With a Professional Editor

Choosing a professional editor is a little like dating. This course walks you through getting your manuscript as clean as possible before approaching an editor. We discuss how to find an editor, how to interact with one, and how to take the plunge of hiring one. Each of the four weeks, we will edit approximately 1,000 (one thousand) words from the project you have chosen. This is the heart of this class—getting real feedback on your work from a professional editor.

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July, 2020: Dazzling Developmental Edits

20 People. 20 Pages. Deep Developmental Edits.

Developmental editing is the first stage in preparing your manuscript for professional eyes. It helps you to build complex characters, checks that your pacing is not boring the reader, and makes sure you’ve plugged all those pesky plot holes.

In Dazzling Developmental edits, you will work one-on-one with a professional editor who will help you learn the difference between a developmental edit and a copy edit, how to accept criticism when it stings, and learn what to expect from your very first developmental edit.

During our time together we will developmental edit the first two chapters of your work in progress.

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July, 2020: Writing Thrillers and Other Dangerous Novels

Want to write a New York Times Bestseller? Thrillers, mysteries, and suspense novels consistently rank in the top 25 books on the NYT bestseller list. Some of the biggest authors in the world write dangerous novels—James Patterson, Agatha Christie, Dean Koontz, Nora Roberts, and John Grisham to name only a few.

Writing a good book with a dangerous edge has both pros and pitfalls. Julie Rowe, author of the military thriller Biological Response Team series and the thriller Outbreak Task Force series, will provide information, insight, writing exercises, and comprehensive feedback on your dangerous novel.


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July, 2020: Potent Pitches and Brilliant Blurbs

In this intensive, hands-on, two week class, you’ll learn the basics of a hook-an-agent/editor pitch/blurb.

This intensive, hands-on, two week class offers you the most important opportunity: feedback.  We will revise, fine-tune, and re-work your pitches and blurbs, all while working to maintain emotion and your voice in a hooky, can’t-wait-to-read pitch/blurb.

Yes, it’s possible. You can do it! Distill your story to a pitch/blurb that will hook agents and editors and make them want to read more.

Sign up and learn how to create a potent pitch and brilliant blurb.


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July, 2020: Killing It with Conflict

Conflict. Conflict. Conflict.

Conflict, conflict, conflict builds tension.

We’ve heard the tension-refrain at conferences, in workshops and in books. We know we must have tension. Tension on every page.

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July, 2020: Advanced Craft

You know the feeling – when you start a book and immediately suspend disbelief to fall into the story world. As authors, we know that this isn’t easy to do. It takes more than a good scene. It takes a maestro of craft to pull it off.

If you’re past problems with POV, character development and stage direction, this class will help you understand the subtle nuances that can be the difference between a ‘good writer’ and a popular author.


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July, 2020: It's All About Character, Using Character Themed Words

This course will teach writers how to find and use character-themed words specific to their heroes, heroines, and even villains. Every word in your novel should serve two purposes: to move the plot forward and give greater insight into the characters.

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July, 2020: Intensive on Dialogue

Want your book to be more powerful? Do you want your characters to do more than just talk on the page? Join multi-published, best-selling author Shirley Jump for an interactive workshop on making your dialogue leap off the page and actually work for your novel, not against it. Learn how dialogue can increase tension in a plot, show your characters (without telling) and ramp up the emotion on every page.

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July, 2020: Creating Anthologies

Course description coming soon...

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