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March, 2022: How to Write Believable Alternate History Fiction

Alternate histories challenge and inspire us to think about what might have been instead of what actually was. The problem with writing alternate history is making it “believable”. Even in the realm of imagination, characters, plots, and events should follow real historical patterns. Come join historian Hugh Gordon as he shows you how to weave history and imagination together. What would happen if Hitler never came to power, or if the Roman Empire lasted to the present day? Learn about writing alternate histories that are believable, exciting, and imaginative.

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March, 2022: Just-for-you Intensive Mentorship

Two weeks (or extended version of 1 month), ten pages, a just-for-you-intensive writing mentorship. Finished up Nano or just have a first draft a second draft, a draft four-hundred-twenty-two, and don’t know what to do? Just-For-You intensive mentorship is perfect for you. We’ve all taken classes, sat through workshops and lectures and often felt this isn’t what I need to, want to, can use, but with a limited enrollment, the Two, Ten, Your-needs course gives you personalized, focused tips, tricks, lectures, guidelines, advice focused on your pages and your writing needs.

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March, 2022: Killing People and other Writerly Pursuits

So you have a character you're just dying to kill. Maybe he is a real villain and deserves to die. Or, instead, she is a sweet child and everybody cries when she slips away in the middle of the night. Regardless, there's a right place, time and reason to get rid of that character and it HAS to move the story forward. This is a writing Master Class, with the dual benefits of digging deeply into the psychological reasons for killing a character, and of building a believable story structure around a death.

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March, 2022: Social Media for Authors

What You'll Learn:

  • how to choose the most effective social media platform for you
  • there are more social media platforms than Facebook and Twitter, many of which you may never have heard of where readers go to hang out together
  • how to have a social media presence and still have time to write
  • how social media can help empower your writing
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March, 2022: Submissions That Sell, and More!

Your writing is amazing. You’ve edited your manuscript until the reflection alone will blind. Congratulations! But without an equally shiny submission, those agents/editors will never know about you, and that you could have been their next great author. This course will teach you what you need to know to make a professional submission that will impress. There will be homework! You will receive edits from the instructor as well as other class members, and you'll be expected to give feedback as well.

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March, 2022: Write Backstory With Confidence

Does your character or location have a fascinating history, but you’re unsure of the best way to express it? The Write Backstory With Confidence workshop is for fiction writers who want to avoid information dumps and use backstory to provide character motivation that resonates with readers. Backstory is the foundation of engaging characters and believable plots. When it’s well integrated and authentic, it drives the main story without killing pace. Learn how to banish boring backstory while maintaining pace and tension, with proven techniques that will enhance your overall storytelling proficiency. You’ll have seamless backstory in no time!

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Dec, 2021: The Eight Crafts of Writing

Course Premiere Promo: I will assess your story engine and discuss it with you in a thirty minutes on-one-one call. Do you want a structured overview of the writing craft(s)? Are you interested in learning the psychology of storytelling? What about getting a storytelling edge by learning the secrets of reader engagement?

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Jan, 2022: Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist

Learn how to write body language and dialogue cues from a kinesics specialist.  Writers will learn how to write fresh - Body Language Basics: facial messages, lips, eyes, chin, full facial expression, flicker-face, gestures, posture, hierarchical zones . . .

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Jan, 2022: 6 Week Author Mentoring Intensive

Are you looking for guidance and direction for your writing career? Have you written your book, but don’t know what to do next? Not sure how to promote your books with social media? Interested in self-publishing, but aren’t sure where to start or how much it costs? Julie’s Author Mentoring Intensive is for you!

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Jan, 2022: Crazy-Easy Awesome Author Websites!

Whether you are a NYT bestselling author or a new author preparing your media presence, this class will walk you through the basics of building your own website. With one-on-one Zoom meetings, Lisa will be there to hold your mouse and help you each step of the way!

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Jan, 2022: Creating a Constellation of Characters to Inhabit Your Story or Series

Description coming soon... a new class from the amazing Lisa Miller, creator of Story Structure Safari!

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Jan, 2022: Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors

You'll get a 40 minute phone, Skype, or Viber session with Margie between January 15 and February 15. You'll focus on making what you learn in this course work for you long term. Learn how to defeat your self-defeating behaviors. Learn how to detour your resistance. Learn how to use your strengths to put yourself in charge. Challenge your thinking. Use more than the usual 12% of your brain. Set yourself up to perform at your peak by analyzing the patterns that get in your way. Learn how to tweak those patterns to make them work for you.

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Jan, 2022: Diving Deep into Developmental Edits

Diving deep into developmental edits is an intense fourteen lecture course for those writers who have finished at least one draft of a novel. This course is all about seeing your work as an editor, and learning how to analyze what you have on the page, so you can make the big decisions that will take your novel from fine to powerful. This two-month course is packed full of tips, ideas, and learning opportunities not only aimed at helping writers make their current work in progress shine, but also teaching writers how to make future novels stronger.

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Jan, 2022: Intro to Screenwriting

Are you an author of a book that you'd like to turn into a movie? Do you have an idea for the next big movie, but you don't know where to start? If you're interested in learning the art of how to write a screenplay, you're in the right place.

Wally and Betty will teach YOU what they wish someone had taught them before they ever sat down to write their first screenplays!

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Jan, 2022: Revision Boot Camp or Revision Retreat: You Decide

You’ve got that first draft done or almost done. Or maybe you’re on your 2nd, 3rd, or LAST revision and you’re working toward the finish line. You’re ready for REVISION BOOTCAMP. Sign up.  Get your marching orders. Working with other recruits attack your revisions.

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Jan, 2022: Write Away the Writer's Block

Most writers have suffered from some form of writer’s block in their careers. In this two-week class we are going to work through ways to combat writer's block and get ourselves unstuck. Because sometimes getting unstuck requires a little help from your friends! Join us to work through that blockage, one word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time.

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