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Feb, 2021: Mind-Map

Mind-mapping: Using the Way We Think to Create Story

Are you a pantster or a plotter? Or some combination of both ends of the spectrum?

Most of us fall somewhere in the middle but, regardless, mind-mapping can launch your planning abilities into the stratosphere! A mind map is a simple tool that utilizes the way our brains work to capture the ideas floating around in our heads. It can free up your thinking, help you to collect knowledge and information, and create new pathways of creativity. It might even make you a better thinker!

Mind-mapping, although it's perfect for writing, also can be used for anything you need to keep straight in your head, from characters to a series of books to a plan for marketing and promoting. It's an amazing tool that frees us from the unyielding structure of Roman numerals and lets our imagination soar!

This is a class that will help beginners to organize their thoughts but Master Writers will be able to create believable story structures for a single book or a multi-book series.

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