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Tag: November 2022

Nov, 2022: How to Write a Novel in World Anvil

World Anvil can organize research, outlines, character questionnaires, and more. Imagine having all your writing and your research available to you at any given moment. In addition, it can also build an interactive website that will allow your fans to experience your story world in new and creative ways!

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Nov, 2022: Diving Deep into Deep Point of View

Readers crave Deep Point of View. And I mean deep!! No longer willing to sit back, relax, wade through pages of prose and wandering descriptions, readers want to connect with characters on an intimate level. So intimate, the reader wants to live through the characters. And yep, that means going in deep and giving those quiet moments, those heart-beating-out-of-the-chest moments, the first kiss, the fear moments action, immediacy, connection. That means writers must bridge the gap between the fictive dream and live in the moment with the character and Diving Deep into Deep Point-of-View is here to help.

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Nov, 2022: Clans of Ireland Beyond the Pale

November 1st - 30th Tags Class Clans of Ireland Beyond

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Nov, 2022: Editing Magic: Work With a Professional Editor

Before you approach an agent, or a publisher, and definitely before you self-publish, you need an editor. A good one. And before you approach an editor, you need to make your manuscript as clear, consistent, and clean as you possibly can.

Editing Magic walks you through the process of getting your manuscript as polished as possible before approaching an editor—because they are busy, too, and will not usually take on a project that needs too much work. The course is also a professional sample edit with a lot of feedback. Lessons discuss how to find an editor, how to interact with one, and how to take the plunge of hiring one.

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Nov, 2022: Lights! Camera! TENSION!

Tension belongs:

  • In every book
  • In every scene
  • On every page

Without it, who cares?  The whole story falls flat.

In Lights! Camera! TENSION!, we’ll drill deep to find exactly what creates tension in a scene or a character and we’ll learn dozens of ways to make sure you’ll use Margie’s orange highlighter at all the right moments. The class includes:

  1. Setting up tension – it starts small and grows into an explosion!
  2. Different types of tension -- patterns, time clocks, raising the stakes, misdirection
  3. How sentence structure generates tension
  4. Create a tension tracker, so each major scene builds on the one before
  5. And lots more!
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Nov, 2022: Make 'em Laugh - How to Write a Comedy Screenplay

So, you have an idea for a comedy screenplay? Are you in the middle of one? Have you completed several? Make ‘em Laugh is a class for both experienced and beginning writers. If you’d like to learn about nuances of feature-length comedy films and apply them to your own funny ideas, then you’ve found the right place. We’d love to have you join us.

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Nov, 2022: Swag for Authors, Publishing Professionals, & other Creatives

Do you want to engage your target audience (readers, bloggers, book reviewers, authors, clients, and customers)? Do you want them to remember your name and/or brand? Do you want their friends to check out your books and services? Giving quality swag away to these influencers is a proven way to increase word of mouth sales and turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

In Swag for Authors, this master class in hands on marketing, you will learn:

  • Why swag works
  • How to narrow down the choices until you find the perfect swag for your book, business, and/or brand.
  • How to save money by creating your own swag (video tutorials)
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Nov, 2022: Write Away the Writer's Block

Most writers have suffered from some form of writer’s block in their careers. In Write Away the Writer's Block, a two-week class, we are going to work through ways to combat writer's block and get ourselves unstuck. Because sometimes getting unstuck requires a little help from your friends! Join us to work through that blockage, one word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time. The class will include:

  • Daily writing prompts
  • Sprint sessions
  • Deep Editing Sessions
  • Ideas of how to get past your writer’s block
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