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March, 2021: Profitable Facebook Ads

This is a masterclass on creating profitable Facebook Ads for authors who want to improve the ROI of their ads. Imagine spending a couple hundred dollars and making back thousands. Or knowing what your income will be month after month after month. Or building the advertising know-how and technical assets to make a viable bestseller run. This is what Profitable Facebook Ads aims to teach authors. The class covers all the elements that go into an effective, compelling ad and how best to work with Facebook to avoid pitfalls in its AI and algo. Michelle will show you all sorts of examples and what has worked and what hasn't. In addition, she'll review your ad homework and let you know of any issues or potential home runs. After the class, students can stay in touch via a Facebook group.

Note: Students should have some familiarity with how Facebook works prior to the class (how to post, how to edit, sharing links and images etc...). Expertise is not required, but students should be regular users of the platform. This class does not teach the basics. Not sure you're ready? Check out the "Before you take this class section below!"

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