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April, 2020: Writing the Romance Novel


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Instructor: Shirley Jump

April 1 – 30;  Fee:  $90

Writing the Romance Novel

Romance novels comprise nearly half the mass market paperback sales, according to Romance Writers of America. If you are interested in becoming a part of this happily ever after industry, or just want to learn how to add a love story to your mystery,
thriller, or other genre novel, this class is for you. 

You’ll learn how to take a germ of an idea and turn it into a story. We’ll cover the basics of goal, motivation and conflict as well as scene and sequel and plotting.  

Bonus: A special emphasis on the hero and heroine’s journeys. Shirley will also address where to send your manuscript once it’s done. 

This class will:

1.     Discuss how to decide whether an idea is “big” enough to encompass a novel

2.     How to create a strong hero and heroine

3.     Deciding on character goals, motivations and conflicts

4.     Developing a story arc

5.     Developing the love story

6.     Creating scenes and sequels

7.     Polishing your manuscript

8.     Resources for getting published

At the end of this class, participants will have a good basic knowledge of how to write a love story, and what encompasses a strong plot, as well as how to differentiate the different types of romances within the genre.


Shirley Jump