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Creative Imagery: A New Superpower for Writers


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Creative Imagery: A New Superpower for Writers!

What if you could experience your scenes as your POV character?

What if you could see and think and feel everything they see and think and feel?

What if you could dig for the truth?

What if you could delve deeper into emotions?

What if you could up the emotional impact of your scenes?

Join me in this webinar and you’ll understand scene dynamics as your POV character.

You’ll get ideas regarding ways to complicate scenes, ways to add more tension.

You’ll pick up on potential props and details for setting and choreography issues too.

And you can take notes and stay in that scene.

I’m wearing two hats for this webinar. My psychologist’s hat and my writing expert hat.

I’m your experienced, sensitive, but intrepid guide. I’ll take you through open-concept scenes. Your mind will fill in the specifics.

I’ll guide you through two high emotion scenes like you’re the POV character, not the writer. You’ll learn how to make those scenes deep and strong and memorable.

Quick Prep for the Webinar:

Consider two high emotion scenes in your WIP. They could be ones you’ve written or have yet to write.

Make bullet-point notes on what happens in these two scenes. Have those bullet-point notes handy for the webinar.

Fiction writers need superpowers. Let creative imagery become one of yours!


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