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Deep Editing On the Fly


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Deep Editing on the Fly, Productivity on the Sly

Got 15 minutes? Add power to your WIP!

Attend this webinar and you’ll get Deep Editing Checklists and More!

  • Deep Edit Checklists
  • How to Boost Emotion
  • EDITS System Insights
  • Quick Ways to Add Power
  • Body Language Search Lists
  • Tips on What to Track and Why
  • Ways to Add Power to Your Day

We’ll dig deep in the loaded handout and do some quick in-webinar assignments too. Print one or more chapters of your WIP and have a red pen and some highlighters handy. Green? Blue? Pink? Orange?

This webinar is way more than how to power-punch your 15 minutes. It’s also loaded with deep editing tools you need to make your writing stellar!

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