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Fast-Track Your Creativity!

This webinar is about creativity and adding power to your scenes.

And it’s loaded with not-your typical creativity boosters. You’ll learn unexpected ways to freshen your ideas and your writing.

I wore two hats when I developed this webinar: deep edit expert and creative psychologist.

I took a few of the assignments I created for my patients to deal with their emotional issues and turned them into creativity boosters for writers.

They’re quirky. And effective. And I bet you’ll love them!

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  1. Margie’s Smart Alphabet Technique
  2. Change-Ups
  3. Pressure Off, Creative Power On
  4. Single-Tracking Scene Components
  5. Creative Character Connections
  6. Jump-Starters for Writing Sessions
  7. Getting the Most out of Mind-Mapping
  8. Brainstorming Tips and Risks
  9. Using Your Brain to Prep Creativity

PLUS, I’ll treat you Creative Visualization: Exploring Your 3D Scenes!

I’ll teach you how to see your scenes, notice things you’ve missed, feel your POV character’s emotions. We’ll talk about how to take what you’ve learned and share it on the page in powerful ways.


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