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Get Strategic with Style and Structure!


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Dig Deep Webinar:

Get Strategic with Style and Structure!

You can make a sell-more-books difference if you’re strategic on every page.

Join me. Learn how.

Margie’s Top 8 Ways to be Strategic with Style and Structure

  1. Add power to high emotion scenes and turning points.
  2. Create a sense of urgency and increase tension.
  3. Boost style and make the reader smile.
  4. Make openings and endings pop.
  5. Deepen characterization.
  6. Slip in the POV character’s age and other hits of backstory
  7. Theme to make your writing cool and help you write NYT-fresh!
  8. Give your writing a boost with power words and backloading and switchback lines.

We’ll deep edit analyze examples from a range of genres, comparing nicely written Befores to carry-more-power Afters.

I hope you like one of these 90-minute webinars. I bet you’ll love learning more ways to make your writing carry a psychological punch!


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