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Jan, 2020: Conflict – not an argument


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January 6-19 – Fee $55

Instructor: Shirley Jump

Conflict: It’s Not An Argument.

Are you struggling to increase the conflict and tension in your scenes? Is your book feeling flat, or editors and readers are saying there isn’t enough conflict? This interactive workshop will cover the difference between conflict and tension, how to create conflicts that aren’t just arguments, and developing conflict from your characters. Conflict is what keeps the engine of the plot moving, and keeps the reader turning the pages.

Learning the difference between internal and external conflict, how they interrelate, and how they impact the novel, is vital. You will also get to know your characters better through this process—what their fears are, what their needs are, and what roadblocks are in their way. If you are in the middle of a book and feeling stalled, this two-week workshop will help you get the novel back on track.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Shirley Jump