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Jan, 2020: Set up for Success: The Author’s Strategic Plan


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Instructor: Donna Alward

January 6-31; Fee: $90

Set up for Success: The Author’s Strategic Plan

Every year, authors tend to lay out a plan of what they hope to achieve. How many books can we write? What kind of income can we expect? But quite often, those goals end up being a lot like starting the gym in January—great for a month or two but fade away as we get caught up in the busy-ness of life.

Enter the Strategic Plan! One comprehensive document that does it all—from solidifying your brand, understanding the market and where you fit in it, to marketing strategies and yes, a writing timetable. Using her own personal template, Donna Alward will lead you through developing your own customizable strategic plan unique to YOU—and come away with a career roadmap that frees up more time to do your number one job: write fantastic stories.


Donna Alward