July, 2019: Editing Magic: Work With a Professional Editor

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Instructor:  Lori Patrick

July 1 – 31;  Fee: $110
Editing Magic

Each student will submit a writing sample and will receive a multi-pass edit on an approximately 3500-word (or less) section.

Lectures, open discussion, and forum responses support learning as each student works directly, one on one, on their own manuscript excerpt in an interactive partnership with the teacher/editor.

Working with a professional editor can be a daunting and rewarding experience. But editing is expensive. How do you know if your work is ready to submit to an editor? How do you know if you and a specific editor are a good match? What can you do before an edit to maximize the return on your investment? In this four-week class, each student will work through a sample edit with the Grammarwitch, professional editor Lori Brown Patrick. Learn from Lori’s comments over a series of passes through your writing and from watching her work with other students.

A professional editor is a vital part of the writing process. In this course, you’ll see how working with an editor can improve your productivity and confidence and take your writing to the next level. Learn what to watch for in your writing. Learn how both developmental and copy editing work together to strengthen a piece of writing.

You’ll see your own work improve and see what the same process does for your fellow students.

What people say about working with Lori:

“…getting a misspelled word past her is like trying to throw a pork chop past a wolf.” — Dale Cramer, Author

“Lori is like a warm, snugly blanket of safety on a cold winter’s night.” — Lisa Norman, Heart Ally Books

“… her command of her profession, attention to detail, and admirable work ethic combine to create the best kind of collaborator. ” — Elizabeth Perry Spalding, 21 Skye Design

“…a godsend in building my new business, giving me confidence in a no-nonsense, reliable, and honest copy editing resource for my book projects.” — John H. Clark IV, Old Stone Press

“…best of all, she’s lots of FUN!”— Nancy Heinonen, Crescent Hill Books

Lori Patrick has made her living as a professional editor since 2001.

Lori has good literary instincts and an excellent ear, a solid grounding in grammar and punctuation, a strong sense of syntax, and a deep feeling for the rhythm of writing. She’s one of those hopeless nerds who likes reading the dictionary. She is a passionate believer in the serial comma. She knows the rules and when she doesn’t, she looks them up. Sometimes she uses sentence fragments or begins sentences with And–or both. She has even been known to end a sentence with a preposition because sometimes, a preposition is the best thing to end a sentence with. 

But the most important thing for clients to understand is her bone-deep conviction that your book is your creation, not hers. She is absolutely adamant about preserving the author’s voice and intent.

Writing is important. Lori believes that good writing can change a life—or change the world. She also believes that every writer needs a good editor—even great writers. Even editors need editors. Because good editing makes good writing better. One red-penciled word at a time.


Lori Brown Patrick

1 review for July, 2019: Editing Magic: Work With a Professional Editor

  1. Kim Bass

    This was a fantastic class! At first I was intimidated to work with an editor, but Lori is not only knowledgeable and accomplished, but kind with her feedback and advice. She helped me see mistakes I never knew I had been making and offered suggestions that made my writing clearer and more concise. Thank you, Lori, for the hours and hours and effort you put into the class and for your kind words of encouragement!

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