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Making Silence Boom!


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Making Silence BOOM!

Silence happens—in real life and on the page. But sometimes when writers share silence on the page it’s blah-blah bland. Powerless. It’s stated, then the scene continues.

No power there.

But in real life, what happens when a room goes silent?

Hellooo subtext.

Hellooo instinctive reactions and visceral responses.

Hellooo glances, gaze aversions, and veiled or loaded facial expressions.

Good start. But how you convey silence on the page needs to be fresh and powerful.

Join me in this 90-minute webinar and you’ll learn how silence can:

  1. Strengthen emotion
  2. Elicit a visceral response
  3. Share relationship dynamics
  4. Add tension or release tension
  5. Create a chance to slip in backstory
  6. Add more power to pauses and hesitations
  7. Deepen the scene by sharing how it impacts the POV character

Come on! You know you'll learn lots of ways to empower silence.

PLUS -- You'll learn, or get a refresher on, my deep editing techniques. What's not to love about learning? And making your writing NYT strong!


Purchase a recording! Recordings are available.

Bonus: buy 5 webinar sessions (any combination of live or recordings) and get the 6th one free!

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