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Mentorship with Rhay Christou


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1 month via email – Just starting out or well into writing and finding that your critique partners are questioning development of character, setting, plot, craft?

Mentorship allows you to chose your path, focus on your needs and get timely, in depth feedback—chapter summaries, in line comments, an overall developmental letter—as well as provides specific mini-lectures to develop craft skills that you can use to write all your future stories.


Rhay Christou

Rhay Christou loves her dogs—Fredo and MoJoe—her teaching and writing. Making her home in a small village in Cyprus, when she is not wandering the National Park's trails, she uses her MFA in writing from Vermont College to share her knowledge and experience to cheerlead writers in creating their best stories. Since graduating, she has taught everything from creative writing to academic writing at the university level and writing workshops on the lovely island of Cyprus, in Greece and the USA.



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