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Eight Musts for Writing Visceral Responses Part 2!


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Oct. 20 and 21: 

Part 2: More on Eight Musts for Writing Visceral Responses!

If you missed last month's webinar, no worries. This webinar can stand alone!

We covered a lot of topics in the webinar on Part 1 in September. And there are more goodies to come in this webinar.

  • Sharing the incongruence between the POV character’s emotional state and the way they present a façade.
  • Making visceral responses fresh with rhetorical devices.
  • Theming visceral responses.
  • Threading visceral responses.
  • A deep dive into visceral recoveries.
  • How to write fresh tears and not make Margie cry.
  • Using MRU’s – Motivation Reaction Units.
  • Making cadence compelling.
  • Writing fresh. Digging for the Truth. Giving your readers NYTs!

 Join me for this 90-minute webinar and you'll learn even more about writing fresh visceral responses!

Watch the recording whenever you like!



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