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Nov, 2019: Ta Da, How to Put Funny on the Page


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Instructor: Lisa Wells

November 1 – 30;  Fee: $85


Slam your elbow on a table top and you’ll get up close and strip-down, naked personal with the location of your funny bone. Unfortunately, you’ll also discover there’s nothing funny about that instrument of torture.

It’s a sensitive little sucker.

The funny bone takes joy in creating not laughter but pain.

Unless…you’re a comedian.

Comedians aren’t like average humans. When they slam their funny bone on a table top, the sensation causes them to laugh so loud and so hard earthquakes are reported five states over. True story. No…really…it is.
In fact, slamming your elbow on a table top is the test comedian-wannabes have to take to get accepted into Make Me Laugh University. If they bang their elbow and laugh, they’re invited into the coolest of schools. Hit the spot and wince, and the parody professors will laugh them off the university’s sacred grounds.

If that happens, if they fail to be admitted in Make Me Laugh University, these wannabes might as well become plumbers, because showing off their butt-crack is the closest they’ll ever come to making someone laugh. Or…is it?

Of course, I lie. Not a big one. Just a little gray lie. So don’t go calling the funny police on me for breaking the whole truth-in-advertising stuff. Why? Because I’ve got great news. And you’re going to want to know what I know.

Here it is. What I know to be the truth, the absolute truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me funny bone.

Even if your funny bone is broken, and it doesn’t make you laugh when it’s been unfortunately activated – you can still get into the cool major. You can still walk the sacred halls of Make Me Laugh University. You’ll just have to work at it a little harder than those with a sense of humor in their funny bone.

As a personal reject of Make Me Laugh University, I’ve spent hours and hours and years and years (yes- years) and studied master comedians like Steve Martin, Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer and Ellen DeGeneres, plus many more, just to get funnier and to create this class. A class designed to teach other humor rejects, like someone like you, how to put humor on the page.
My purpose in life, since being laughed off the college campus of Make Me Laugh University, that was not a fun experience, is to make sure no one else ever suffers the humiliation of being thought of as blah, boring, a danger to one’s self, or – gasp – a danger to other’s ability to laugh.
Ta Da. Here’s what you’re going to learn:

1. The best way to study humor – no…the answer is not naked and with a glass of wine.

2. How to find your own comedian mentor – Get One For Free – as long as you can stalk without being caught. Get caught, and you might be thrown into comedian-wannabe jail. Mums the word.

3. The universal rule of being funny – break it, and you might go to funny bone jail which is located next door to comedian wannabe jail.
4. How to find funny in the world around you – if you have to suffer through the family gathering, you might as well get some material from Aunt Poopy Mouth or Uncle Give Me Another Cold One.
5. The 3 secret ingredients to great storytelling – OMG, I’m just dying to let you in on these secrets. (Biting lip hard. Ouch. Keeping secrets is dangerous to one’s mouth.)

6. The key ingredient that makes people laugh? There’s actually several ingredients that go into making people laugh, but there’s a key one. K.E.Y. Kind of like liquor is the key ingredient in Jell-O shots. (NO. Jell-O is not the key ingredient in Jell-O shots.)

7. The 7 humor media in which you can sell the funny you put on the page. Face it, our good looks are going to fade, and we’re going to need a back-up cash supply.
8. The 11 Funny Filters – These filters are the gold mine of laughter. Sort of like mouth filters are the gold mine of keeping our day jobs. Does it surprise you to know I don’t have a day job?

9. The 3 joke-writing methods using the funny filters. Hint… Psyche. You didn’t really think I was going to give you a hint here? Do you not know me at all?

10. The 5 ingredients of writing a premise for a comedy screenplay. Instead of a five-ingredient meal recipe (like tequila, lime, salt, triple-sec, ice), you’re going to get a five ingredient premise recipe. Chuckle.

Who should take this class:
1. Romantic Comedy authors. That’s a no brainer.
2. But this course is for more than just comedy writers. It’s for you.
3. Knowing how to add comedy to whatever you’re writing – be it a thriller, a wedding speech, an obituary – will make your writing stronger. Humor enhances story characters. Humor enhances your storyline. Humor makes your look skinnier in tight jeans.

4. Attention all authors: Humor gives much needed tension release to your readers at just the right moment. Learn how to put it on the page.

5. Humor helps you with every day relationships – like your relationship with your editor or agent or the cop who pulled you over for driving with the top down. Tiny explanation: When I bought the convertible, the dealer said it was legal to drive with my top down. How was I to know he meant the car’s top and not my tube top? Be specific people.

6. Humor makes you stand out in the memory of others. In a good way.

7. If you want to learn to be funnier, and how to take that funnier and put it on the page, this class is for YOU.

8. And, last but not forgotten, if you flunked out of Make Me Laugh University – this class is also for you.

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