Sept, 2019: Creative Writing Weapons


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Instructor:  Koreen Myers
Sept 1-28;  Fee:  $75
Creative Writing Weapons 
Feeling overwhelmed by the blank page? Has writing lost its shine?
Sometimes the process can seem more like a punishment, one even Prometheus may find unbearable, rather than a labor of love.
This class recaptures the fun and inspiration behind writing, while creating an arsenal of weapons to add to your writer’s toolbox.
  • Week 1: Unlock the fun!
    • Let loose your inner child, the person who is full of curiosity and imagination. In this first week, we’ll use the world around us to find inspiration and get focused. A smart way to attack writers’ block, too.
  • Week 2: The Power of You!
    • We’ll use journal writing to discover the power of your own voice and tap into your skills of observation to create powerful stories.
  • Week 3: Creating Mental Pictures!
    • In week 3, we will work on your story-imaging skills. How can you show the scene? We’ll look at sensory language, action words, and imagery to transform those summaries into page-turners.
  • Week 4: Tall Tales!
    • Using what you’ve unleashed in weeks one-three, we will combine some of your creative pieces with the the main tenets of fiction (setting, characters, point-of-view, plot, and conflict) to create a killer short story (or the beginning of your next novel).
Koreen Myers is an award-winning writer, who has the ability to bring together the nerd-power of a techie and the emotional empathy of a writer. Currently, she’s the grant writer at Morgan Community College where she wins awards on behalf of local programs–all by telling real-world stories! She has a BA in English/Art through Adams State College—Go Grizzlies—and a MA in education through CSU Sacramento. She worked her way through college by taking pictures and writing articles for newspapers and magazines.
Since her college days, she’s taught courses in English, writing and technology for students ranging in age from 6th grade to adult. She uses her visual media background, teaching experience, and technology skills to help Margie grads become super-empowered writers.



Koreen Myers


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