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Sept, 2020: Empowering Characters' Emotions


Want to add a psychological punch to your writing and editing?

Want to learn how to capture the full range of body language on the page?

Want to turn your work into a page-turner by powering up emotion and hooking the reader viscerally?


September 1-30

Want to add a psychological punch to your writing and editing?

Want to learn how to capture the full range of body language on the page?

Want to turn your work into a page-turner by powering up emotion and hooking the reader viscerally?

Look forward to learning:

  • The EDITS System
  • Basic, complex, empowered, and super empowered passages
  • Backstory management
  • Kinesics, Haptics, Proxemics, Facial expressions, Paralanguage
  • Proprioceptive stimuli, Involuntary physical responses
  • Ideomotoric shifts
  • Mirroring, Communication Accommodation
  • Levels of intimacy, Love signals
  • Nonverbal gender differences
  • Emotional authenticity
  • Backloading
  • In-trancing the Reader
  • Writing fresh . . .
  • Projecting Emotion for a Non-POV character
  • Carrying a Nonverbal Image Forward
  • Objective Constructs
  • Empowering Characters’ Emotions Checklist


Margie Lawson

Margie Lawson—psychotherapist, writer, and international presenter – developed psychologically-based editing systems and deep editing techniques used by new writers to multi-award winning authors. She teaches writers how to add psychological power to create page turners.

Margie taught psychology and communication courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Her resume includes adjunct professor, clinical trainer, facilitator of trauma response sessions, and director of a counseling center.

In the last eleven years Margie presented over 140 full day Master Classes for writers. She taught her psychologically-anchored deep editing to over five thousand writers across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Writers who have studied her material credit her innovative editing approaches with taking their writing several levels higher—to publication, awards, and bestseller lists.

To learn about Margie’s 3-day Immersion Master Classes, full day Master Class presentations, on-line course schedule, Lecture Packets, and newsletter, visit:

Margie has asked two fabulous teachers to help by teaching this class for her. Check the schedule to see who will be teaching each session.

suzanne purvis

Suzanne Purvis is a transplanted Canadian living in the Deep South, where she traded “eh” for “y’all.” An author of long, short, and flash fiction for both children and adults, she has won several awards including those sponsored by the University of Toronto, RWA, Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable, and Women Who Write. You can find her work in print anthologies, magazines, ezines, and ebooks.

Visit her at , www.suzannepurvis.blogspot.comFacebook, Amazon Author’s Central.

Becky Rawnsley

Becky Rawnsley is a physical therapist from the UK. She started writing as a hobby some twenty years ago, but realized if she was ever going to get off the slush-pile and onto the shelves, she needed help. Hunting for answers, she stumbled across Margie’s website and struck writing-gold.

Becky is now a multi-Margie, multi-LWA and Immersion grad, and has discovered a passion for deepening her understanding of writing craft. Her work now regularly finals in contests. She is keen to share the magic of Margie’s Big Three courses to help fellow writers bring their work to the next level—and beyond!



Becky Rawnsley: Amazing tutor

5.0 rating
April 6, 2020

I’m very new to the writing scene. I feel very fortunate to have found this course. I love Margie’s EDITS approach. It’s a systematic way to help you hone your craft. It allows you to write freely knowing that it’s a simple matter of editing it afterwards to tighten things up.
Becky Rawnsley was my tutor and she was absolutely brilliant. Her feedback and guidance were amazing. I actually felt guilty some times with the level of feedback she was giving on my assignments.
I’ve already signed up for the ‘Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices and More!’ If you want to take your writing seriously then this is definitely the course for you.

Brian McElhone

Learn a Brilliant System for Editing Your Work

5.0 rating
March 2, 2020

I have taken all the classes offered created by Margie Lawson. I think she's a genius and the way she thinks about and teaches writing is so different from anything I've come across before.
In class you learn how to analyze your manuscript by figuring out exactly what information you've got on the page--dialogue, description, visceral responses--and what your missing. The colors systems Margie has created makes it really easy to see when you've got way to much of something and when you don't have enough of something vital.
I'm sure working through the lecture packet for this system on your own would be doable, but I found the in class experience invaluable. Becky Rawnsley was such an amazing instructor and was so patient while I asked tons of questions and for clarification on points. You get so much feedback in this month-long class, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to read a chapter of a book I'm writing again without thinking about the EDITS system. Even if you don't end up highlighting every page of your work, you'll still be thinking about the tenets of the class and making changes that will transform your writing.

Mary Chase

One Of The Best Classes Ever

5.0 rating
March 1, 2020

Once I discovered Margie Lawson, I immediately bought all of the lecture packets for her classes and devoured them. But it wasn't until I actually had the opportunity to take the actual class that I truly understood how valuable the information was.
Empowering Character Emotions is one of those classes where almost immediately, the lightbulb goes off and you realize that Margie has just handed you a something so powerful, it'll change your writing forever.
The lectures are easy to read with lots of great examples, but I really do recommend taking the class if you can. I have taken the course a couple of times with Becky Rawnsley teaching, and have been so impressed. While getting direct feedback is always nice, getting it from someone who truly understands the material and wants to help you is immeasurable. The thoughts and ideas in this course have become so ingrained in me that I find that even my first drafts are better. I cannot recommend this course enough.

Erin Parisien

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