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Stylistic Devices to Power Up Backstory and More!


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Stylistic Devices to Power Up Backstory and More!

Getting your characters and plot oh-so-perfect is critical, but so is how you share your story on every page.

That’s my expertise. Teaching writers how to present their stories in compelling, grab-your-readers, tug-their-emotions ways.

Using style to share backstory and keep readers engaged is a powerful tool in your writer’s toolbox. And I’ll teach you five ways to share backstory and more, and I’m betting you’ll love what you learn!

In this webinar workshop -- I’ll tell, I’ll show, I’ll explain. Then it will be your turn to apply and finesse, and I'll edit what you write if you like.

If we need more time, I’ll extend the webinar to keep working with you all.

Come on, join me for this 90-minute webinar. You know you want to learn techniques that can boost you onto bestseller lists! 


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