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Taking Charge of Your Life: Lessons from the Learning Curve and More!


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Lessons from the Learning Curve and Defeating What Gets in Your Way!

The time is now. The change is you.

That’s right. You.

Ready to take charge of where you’re going? Of your writing? Of your writing career?

It’s so much easier to sit back and see where the current takes you. But if you want to end up somewhere special, it’s up to you to paddle and steer your boat.

You could put a lot of effort into paddling, but if you don’t steer you might go in circles.

Can you see your little boat zig-zag-zigging around, never on course long enough to get where you think you want to go?

You may have a clear idea of steering toward your destination, but your paddling may sabotage you.

Your stroke may be wonky. Or you may need more power behind your stroke.

I’m wearing my psychologist’s hat for this webinar. Fun for me, beneficial for you.

Attend this webinar and you’ll learn:

  1. How to power and steer your boat.
  2. How to challenge the three fears that paralyze writers.
  3. How to take charge of your top three self-defeating behaviors.
  4. How to channel your thinking to drive your success.
  5. How to trust what works and make changes that last.

Trusting what works and making changes that last is critical. It’s the difference between setting yourself up for success and living your success.

Again — The time is now. The change is you.


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