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The EDITS System, Your Scene Analysis Power Tool


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The EDITS System, Your Scene Analysis Power Tool

Jan. 26 and 27: 

Want to learn how to take a scene from the POV character’s head to the reader’s heart?

Grab this webinar!

The EDITS System is a tool I created for writers to analyze scene components. It’s the ultimate show-don’t-tell power tool!

It shows writers what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s missing.

You read that right. You'll see what's missing.

When writers use this five-highlighter system, they see where story momentum starts and stops. Where tension starts and stops. Where the reader may start and stop.

The EDITS System helps writers find a compelling balance of emotion, dialogue, internalizations, tension, setting, description, action, senses, body language, dialogue cues, and more. They learn what works for each specific scene.

If the thought of using highlighters, and a system, gives you hives, learn the EDITS System. Lock it in your brain. You’ll have an overlay of the colors in your mind and edit to the system while you write. Save the highlighters and red pen for those don’t-know-why-it’s-not-working scenes.

Give me 90 minutes. Join me on January 26 or 27, and you’ll see what to do to make your scenes strong!

Click in 30 minutes early and we'll cyber-mingle!

Choose from the two times to interact live with Margie, or purchase the recording. Everyone who attends the live class will also receive the recording.

Stay 30 minutes after the webinar for questions and answers and cyber mingle some more.


Can’t make an event times? Purchase a recording! Recordings will be available the Monday after the webinar finishes. You'll find the link to the recording and handouts in your account under downloads.

Watch the recording whenever you like!



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