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Touché Cliché and Cliché Play


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In this 90-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Seven ways to play with clichés.
  2. How to create and use a cliché twist file.
  3. How to find the truth that clichéd writing blocks.

This webinar is loaded with powerful examples of authors playing with clichés.

Examples like these:

From Andrea Grigg:

Mr. Tall-dark-and-full-of-himself.

From Luna Joya:

“Where’s Dorothy when you need her to drop a house on a witch?”

From Darynda Jones:

I could almost see the wheels spinning in his head. After a few moments more, I began to think those wheels needed a good oiling.

From Christie Craig:

I was just trying to ease back into my old life. Dip my toe back into the water. Now I wish I’d kept my toes dry.

Join us, and you’ll become a trained professional cliché twister too. You’ll learn how to twist and torque and find the humor or the truth.


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