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Tracking Tension and the Fizzle Factor


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Tracking Tension and the Fizzle Factor

You know your story needs tension, ideally tension on every page. 

Want to learn how to track tension in your scenes with my EDITS System ORANGE?

Want to see where you have it, where you need to add it, and if you let it fizzle?

Want to learn how to optimize tension with body language and visceral responses?

Want to learn how to be strategic with style and structure so your tension carries the most power?

Join me in this 90-minute webinar and I’ll teach you how!

What you need to have handy for the webinar:

  1. The webinar handout, printed, if possible.
  2. Three highlighters: Orange and Pink and Yellow
  3. Optional: One or two printed chapters from your WIP.

If you don’t have a chapter to work on, no worries. The handout has excerpts for you to use.


Can’t make these times? Purchase a recording! You'll receive a link for the recording on the Monday following the webinars.



Rated 5.0 out of 5
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 3, 2022

Tension is the elusive dynamic that's talk about a lot in writing craft, but is it ever thoroughly explained? Margie explains with words and visuals, her always fabulous examples to show you exactly what tension is and how to get it on the page in fresh and exciting ways.

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Suzanne Purvis

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