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We've all watched movies with dialogue we can predict. Watched movies with scenes we can predict. It's the same with some books.

Don't write that sometimes predictable book!

Whether it's set-ups or sentences, character descriptions or character traits, lines of dialogue or action scenes--everything can be shared in an unpredictable way. You decide when, I'll teach you how.

You need that scene where she tells him off. And the reader knows it's coming. But you have dozens of powerful options to replace having her say, "You're such an idiot."

We all know he's an idiot. Nothing new there!

It's perfect for your first draft. Then you can play in your words and turn that line into something someone's never read before. Something memorable. Something stellar.

And that fresh line of dialogue could be in your reader's mind-movie forever.

You all have some incredible snippets or scenes from books in your mind-movies. Right?

Sign up for this webinar and you'll learn how to write those stellar mind-movie lines and passages.

We'll cover:

  1. Taking a predictable line and making it stellar.
  2. Slipping in something unexpected.
  3. Amplifying the predictable. Making it unpredictable. Making it unforgettable.
  4. Adding power by being strategic with style and structure.
  5. Creating characterisms -- those words or phrases only your POV character would think or say, that no one else has read before.

You'll see smart examples from Laura Drake, Dana Marton, Kim McDougall, Angela Hicks, Lisa Wells, Lisa Norman, Becky Rawnsley, Elizabeth Essex, Jenny Hanson, Sally Kilpatrick, Darynda Jones, and more!

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