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Writing Fresh Faces that Convey Real Life Emotion


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We’ve all read frowns and scowls and furrowed brows. We’ve read eyes that slit and lips that tip. We’ve read so many smiles we could make a mile-high pile.

Don't give the reader things they've read before.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

-- Write Flicker-Face Expressions

-- Use the Tell a Friend Technique

-- Add Depth with Right-Time Amplification

-- Label Emotions to Carry Big-Time Power

-- Go from Emotional Set to Emotional Authenticity

-- Use Ten Rhetorical Devices to Write Fresh Faces

-- Access Your Emotions to Write Credible Expressions

Learn how to write expressions that capture emotional truth, and you’ll capture the reader too.

Come on. I’ll teach you how. No worries.


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