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Writing Fresh Voices that Convey Real Life Emotion


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Describing voices is often a challenge for writers. But I’ll teach you how to write dialogue cues that go deep and carry power.

How do you get real life emotion on the page? Subtext.

Subtext  ➜  Emotional Connection with Reader  ➜  Page-turner  ➜  Bestseller

Attend this webinar and you’ll learn seven smart how-to’s:

  1. How to write dialogue cues that carry real life emotion.
  2. How to use all six of my categories of dialogue cues.
  3. How to write them fresh like your POV character would really think.
  4. How to amplify subtext, the psychological messages behind the dialogue.
  5. How to write dialogue cues that are congruent and incongruent with the dialogue.
  6. How to write dialogue cues that sound natural, not like a writer wrote them.
  7. How to capture emotional truths on the page that will tap emotions in the reader.

Join me and you’ll give your writing a boost toward bestseller lists.

We’ll have fun and you’ll learn a ton!


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