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Profitable Facebook Ads

This is a masterclass on creating profitable Facebook Ads for authors who want to improve the ROI of their ads. Imagine spending a couple hundred dollars and making back thousands. Or knowing what your income will be month after month after month. Or building the advertising know-how and technical assets to make a viable bestseller run. This is what Profitable Facebook Ads aims to teach authors. The class covers all the elements that go into an effective, compelling ad and how best to work with Facebook to avoid pitfalls in its AI and algo. Michelle will show you all sorts of examples and what has worked and what hasn't. In addition, she'll review your ad homework and let you know of any issues or potential home runs. After the class, students can stay in touch via a Facebook group.

Note: Students should have some familiarity with how Facebook works prior to the class (how to post, how to edit, sharing links and images etc...). Expertise is not required, but students should be regular users of the platform. This class does not teach the basics. Not sure you're ready? Check out the "Before you take this class section below!"

Disclaimer: While previous students have had excellent results with the methods taught in this class, results vary. ROI depends somewhat on the book and genre, which are out of the instructor's control. There are cases where the book is amazing and beyond wonderful, but the audiences just aren't there for it on Facebook. So individual results do vary. However, you'll have the skills to analyze your data to figure that out, and the basic principles taught will transfer to any advertising platform should you discover your readers are elsewhere in social media.

Here's a video that previews a bit of the class:

Who Should Take This Course:

Writers who have products ready to sell and who want to learn to market effectively.

Before You Take This Course:

From Michelle: I'm reaching out before class to share a bonus 'prequel' lesson with you. This lesson is for anyone who hasn't run ads or who doesn't have a lot of experience with ads. It's intended to get you up-to-speed on the basic dos and don'ts so you have that foundation before we dive deeper into what makes an ad profitable. Try to complete it before class starts.

The video portion:

The notes portion:

Click here to view a Google Doc with the notes.

Lesson Plan

Week One - Elements of Effective Ads: Images, Ad Copy, Ad Hooks and Ad Snippets

Our first week, we look at the different elements that go into effective ads. We'll discuss what images are compelling for readers and how to select images to use in ads. We then briefly review how to find images and how to make graphics for ads using freely available software (but note this is not a graphic design class). We will also discuss what an ad hook is and principles of ad copy for authors—how to write compelling treatments of books that generate sales. Students will research images for their ads, identify snippets they can use from their books to create a persuasive ad, experiment with incorporating ad hooks and ad copy into their ads. 

Week Two: Ad Strategy

We now take all the elements that go into a compelling, effective ad and look at different ways to use those elements in Facebook Ads. Some of the questions we'll tackle include: How do you find readers on Facebook? What can you do with a freebie? How are pages useful? How should you format an ad? How can you use ads for sales stability? What about ads for a bestseller list run? Students will continue to build on the work they've done in week one, but will now add strategy to the mix. 

Week Three: The Technical How-Tos

Where do you find things? How do you set up an ad? This week we plug your ad elements and strategy into the Facebook platform. What to click, when to click,what options should be considered and which should be avoided. We will also go over ad metrics...cost-per-click, click-through-rate, and ROI. Plus, what to do when things aren't working and how to navigate your way through rough patches. In addition, we'll review how and when to increase your ad budget to increase your ROI.

Week Four: Catch Up and Ongoing Discussion

This last week we continue to work with the course material and discuss our ideas and results. Students should use this week to catch up if they are behind, set up some tests, and ask any lingering questions. Once the class closes, you will have the option of joining a Facebook group where you'll be able to access course content for ongoing review and participate in various discussions about ads.

Note: if a longer version of the class is offered, the same material is covered, but more time is spent in the first two sections.


Michelle Fox

Michelle Fox has used marketing to procrastinate on her word count goals for the past seven years. She’s run marketing initiatives that catapulted authors into the top 100, helped authors hit bestseller lists, spearheaded a genre mash up boxed set that hit the USAT list, and crashed the Instafreebie (now Prolific Works) site with one of the first freebie cross promos. She runs the Wolf Pack reader platform, which has a similar scope and reach of the top selling authors in the PNR, UF and SFR genres, and offers low cost marketing options for authors in those genres. For LWA she teaches the Profitable Facebook Ads class. As an indie author, she’s had short stories go viral and sold hundreds of thousands of novels. A Margie Immersion grad, she lives in Ohio with her husband, a homeschooled tween, and two labs who rule the roost.



Affordable price, affordable strategies, excellent content

5.0 rating
July 8, 2020

The instructor is knowledgeable, the information practical and the price totally affordable especially given the one-on-one feedback I received. The strategies taught allow for low cost ad tests which means that you aren't going broke taking the class or attempting to implement the information once the class is done. The ad copy and image assignments are something that will not only transform my marketing approach but also how I write in the future. Highly recommended.

Nikki Haverstock

Worth every penny. You NEED to take this class.

5.0 rating
July 3, 2020

I've taken quite a few Facebook Ads classes, and this course covers topics I've never seen covered before. It's so much more than the mechanics of how to create ads. It covers strategies that help you really dig deep and create ads that resonate with people and get them clicking...and buying. I knew how Facebook ads worked before I took this class, but I was happy to break even. Now, I'm earning a profit I had only dreamed of making!

Carrie Pulkinen

Fantastic, practical, and NO BS

5.0 rating
July 2, 2020

I've taken different kinds of FB ads courses before, but this one really got to the HEART of the matter and I walked away making, not losing, money on my FB ads. It was a fantastic course and I highly recommend it!

Kirsten Oliphant

Anyone trying to market on Facebook needs this class.

5.0 rating
February 19, 2020

I've seen many useless classes out in the wild for Facebook ads.
Michelle's class is different. Her classes are so personable, so playful, and yet they include SO MUCH INFORMATION! (If she didn't get silly in class, your head would explode.) She teaches methods that help you understand what is going on underneath in Facebook. She teaches you the heart of paid marketing, helping you understand the things you can do while writing your book that will help you sell more. She shows you how to prepare for creating an ad so that you aren't just throwing content at the system and seeing what works. Then -- as if that wasn't enough -- she walks through building your first ad in class AND invites you to join a group where you can experiment and continue learning after the class is over.
This isn't an easy class. I've taught organic marketing for years, but paid is different. I *finally* get it! Michelle is amazing. Not sure? Check out her freebie!

Lisa Norman

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