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April 2024 Virtual Immersion Master Class

Margie Lawson's Immersion Master Classes will help you transform your manuscript into a page-turner!

April 2 – 5, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Mountain Time

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Eight Smart Ways to Power Up Your Turning Points!

Turning Points deserve your best hook-the-reader writing. They must carry big-time emotional power. I can teach you how to add power to your turning points so you can get those emotions on the page!

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Jul, 2024: Lights! Camera! TENSION!

In this class, we’ll drill deep to find exactly what creates tension in a scene or a character and we’ll learn dozens of ways to make sure you’ll use Margie’s orange highlighter at all the right moments. The class includes:

  1. Setting up tension – it starts small and grows into an explosion!
  2. Different types of tension -- patterns, time clocks, raising the stakes, mis-direction
  3. How sentence structure generates tension
  4. Create a tension tracker, so each major scene builds on the one before
  5. And lots more!
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July, 2024: The Sizzling, Scintillating Synopsis

The Sizzling, Scintillating Synopsis is for anyone who would like a surefire way to plot your novel with all the necessary beats, characters arc, relationship arc, and the added bonus of a finished synopsis.

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July, 2024: Fairies: The Old Gods

What you will learn:

  • The definition of a fairy – which varies considerably
  • The many origins of belief in fairies
  • How the old gods ‘morphed’ into fairies
  • Memorable fairy characters
  • Supernatural animals
  • Suggestions for novels with fairies or elves
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July, 2024: Make 'em Laugh - How to Write a Comedy Screenplay

So, you have an idea for a comedy screenplay? Are you in the middle of one? Have you completed several? Make ‘em Laugh is a class for both experienced and beginning writers.

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July, 2024: Stacking the Stakes

In this two-week intensive, we’ll discover ways to get your readers caring about your characters, your story and every single page until the very end.   Full of easy-to-read lectures, hands-on assignments, and plenty of opportunities for class and instructor interaction, Stack the Stakes will take a languishing story from plodding too powerful.

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Jun, 2024: Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist

Learn how to write body language and dialogue cues from a kinesics specialist.  Writers will learn how to write fresh:

  • Body Language Basics:  facial messages, lips, eyes, chin, full facial expression, flicker-face, gestures, posture, hierarchical zones . . .
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Jun, 2024: Power Up Your Setting

Power up your setting can not only help you overcome but even deepen the other core aspects of your story!

In this one-month interactive course, we’ll

  • Develop a story world
  • Give clues to society, culture, and structure
  • Ground the reader and character in place
  • Make place mean more than just a place to be
  • Use setting to reveal the point of view character
  • Use setting to reveal non-point-of-view character
  • Reveal the emotional state of a character
  • Use subtext/metaphor to make the settings have a deeper meaning
  • Advance plot

And the key is bringing your setting to life! And we can do it!

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June 2023 In-Person ADVANCED Immersion Master Class

Loved Immersion and want even more power? This advanced version is more of everything Margie teaches for those who have already mastered the basics.

June 18 - 23, at Margie’s Home

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June, 2024: Creating a Constellation of Characters to Inhabit Your Story or Series

You will practice analyzing examples, from bestselling novels, movies or TV shows for cast and character study.

Plenty of instructor feedback and a variety of activities and techniques will help you hone your skills and infuse these elements and concepts into your own story or series.

Constellation’s class goal is to help you dig deep and create the most meaningful character cast to capture the heart of your readers and have them begging for another story with your Stars. So, get out your stargazing snacks, your virtual binoculars, and your creation telescope to assemble an outstanding cast for your story.

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June, 2024: Creating Anthologies

Anthologies are the "hot" item lately, giving authors a chance to collaborate and create amazing themed books. The writing side is usually pretty easy for an author, but what about all the details? A partnership can be a real problem if the business side isn't addressed.

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May, 2024: From Blah to Beats: Giving Your Chapters a Pulse

In this four week class an abundance of learning opportunities will promote discussion and give you plenty of opportunity to learn from each other. Submitting work will allow you to put the theory to work and benefit from classmates’ feedback. And as a multi-Margie grad with a masters in writing from Vermont College, I’ll also be digging deep to help you pull out your best work.

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May, 2024: Connecting the Dots: Conspiracy Theories in History and Writing

Come join historian Hugh Gordon as he shows which conspiracies can be proven, and others that remain in the shadows. You will learn about government plots and other beliefs that stretch the imagination. Learn how to make your reader uncover a truth that can fit with any conspiracy in history.

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May, 2024: Intro to Screenwriting

Do you have an idea for the next big movie, but you don't know where to start?

If you're interested in learning the art of how to write a screenplay, you're in the right place.

Wally and Betty will teach YOU what they wish someone had taught them before they ever sat down to write their first screenplays!

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May, 2024: Make Endings Pop Deep Editing Style

You know chapter endings and the end of your book are critical. Strong chapter endings entice your reader to keep reading. And a strong ending for your novel entices your reader to buy your other books.

  • Don’t settle for nice.
  • Don’t settle for predictable.
  • Don’t settle for less than Wow!
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