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Nov, 2021: Diving Deep into Deep Point of View

With information coming at us from all sides, at all times of the day, the world has become a here and now kind of place. No wonder authors, agents, editors and readers want to feel that same kind of immediacy with stories. They scream for deep point of view. And I mean deep!!

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Oct, 2021: Killing People and other Writerly Pursuits

So you have a character you're just dying to kill. Maybe he is a real villain and deserves to die. Or, instead, she is a sweet child and everybody cries when she slips away in the middle of the night. Regardless, there's a right place, time and reason to get rid of that character and it HAS to move the story forward. This is a writing Master Class, with the dual benefits of digging deeply into the psychological reasons for killing a character, and of building a believable story structure around a death.

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Oct, 2021: Writing Steampunk from Aether to Zeppelin

Are you still trying to figure out Steampunk?  Do you have an idea for a Steampunk story but aren't sure what to start?  Are you in the middle of a Steampunk manuscript and need a little help? Whether you just want to learn what all the buzz is about or have specific spots you need to work on, "Writing Steampunk from Aether to Zeppelin" can help.

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Oct, 2021: A Deep Editing Guide to Make Your Openings Pop

The opening of your first chapter needs to carry powerful content, and powerful structure and style. The opening of every scene and every chapter need to hook the reader with content and structure and style too.  Use my 20 Point Checklist for Openings, and you'll make all your openings carry page-turning power!

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Nov, 2021: Swag for Authors, Publishing Professionals, & other Creatives

Do you want to engage your target audience (readers, bloggers, book reviewers, authors, clients, and customers)? Do you want them to remember your name and/or brand? Do you want their friends to check out your books and services? Giving quality swag away to these influencers is a proven way to increase word of mouth sales and turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

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Nov, 2021: Lights! Camera! TENSION!

In this class, we’ll drill deep to find exactly what creates tension in a scene or a character, and we’ll learn dozens of ways to make sure you’ll use Margie’s orange highlighter at all the right moments. We’ll also work on the ebb and flow of tension – too much is just as bad as too little – until we make each page the best it can be.

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Nov, 2021: The Truth About Writing Life and Money

Are you wondering what career path to follow, Indy or Traditional? Would you like to know how much money authors really make, but Google shows you a hundred different numbers? Confused about how much to invest promoting your novel, on skill-development, or making an audiobook? Do you feel like you spend hours on your writing career but don’t get anywhere? Experienced, happy, bestselling author Kathleen Baldwin has answers to your questions and wants to help.

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Dec, 2021: Dazzling Developmental Edits

In Dazzling Developmental edits, you will work one-on-one with a professional editor who will help you learn the difference between a developmental edit and a copy edit, how to accept criticism when it stings, and learn what to expect from your very first developmental edit.

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Nov, 2021: Emotional Connections: Character Names and Psychologically Empowered Backstory - a Two Week Intensive

In this two-week course, an English professor will share with you how careful selection of your character names will help you to connect with your characters in a more intimate way. You'll develop a process of using character traits, backstory, and attributes to carefully select character names for your next project so that you don't have to resort to posting calls on Facebook to ask readers to name your characters.

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Nov, 2021: Scene and Sequel

Scenes are the building blocks of your book, and sequels are the glue that bring those scenes together. The trouble is knowing how to create an effective sequel that keeps the pacing and tension running, but also gives the characters and readers a little room to breathe. Learn the best balance of Scene and Sequel and how to use them to easily ramp up the tension and conflict in your novel in this interactive class with New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump.

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Oct, 2021: Law and Order Regency Style

This class is designed to answer many of the questions you may have had either reading historical works or writing your own historical fiction. We’ll explore some of the common legal issues of the day, and provide resources for finding more information.

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Dec, 2021: Fixing Your Plot - Two Week Intensive

This class covers the basics of Goal, Motivation, and Conflict, but also helps you develop a powerful plot that creates a strong, memorable novel. Participants will take an idea, or an existing plot, and develop a strong outline that gives them a ready-to-write book.

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Dec, 2021: It's a Wonderful Writer's Life

This course will provide a month’s worth of playful exercises intended to feed your writer’s soul without overwhelming you. As with most LWA classes, this class will include one-on-one interaction with the instructor and other classmates, making it the perfect post-NaNo adventure to keep you moving forward with writing without interfering with the joy of the holiday season.

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Nov, 2021: Editing Magic: Work With a Professional Editor

Before you approach an agent, or a publisher, and definitely before you self-publish, you need an editor. A good one. And before you approach an editor, you need to make your manuscript as clear, consistent, and clean as you possibly can. This course walks you through the process of getting your manuscript as polished as possible before approaching an editor—because they are busy, too, and will not usually take on a project that needs too much work.

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Oct, 2021: Create Page-turning Tension

Have you been told your character isn’t engaging or that ‘special something’ is missing from your story? The Create Page-Turning Tension workshop is for fiction writers who want to hook readers and compel them to keep turning pages all the way to the end.

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Nov, 2021: How to Write a Novel in Evernote

Evernote can organize research, outlines, character questionnaires, and more. Imagine having all your writing and your research available to you at any given moment. We'll cover many of the popular methods for creating a book-length work and demonstrate how they can be used with Evernote.

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