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Eight Musts for Writing Visceral Responses Part 2!
Tired of using cliched, overused, carry-no-power visceral responses?
I'll continue covering the eight musts in this webinar will give you the boost you need!
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Margie's 25 Point Dynamic Dialogue Checklist

This isn’t your typical webinar on how to write dialogue. I always think like a psychologist. And I’ll help you think like a psychologist and make your dialogue super-strong. You’ll see lots of items on my 25-point checklist that I’m betting you’ve never considered. And they’re critical. But you have to register for the webinar […]

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Four Levels of Powering Up Emotion

Learn my Four Levels of Powering Up Emotion, lock in the reader’s emotions, add power to openings and high emotion scenes!

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Make Endings POP! Deep Editing Style

You know chapter endings and the end of your book are critical. Strong chapter endings entice your reader to keep reading. And a strong ending for your novel entices your reader to buy your other books.

  • Don’t settle for nice.
  • Don’t settle for predictable.
  • Don’t settle for less than Wow!
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A Deep Editing Guide to Make Your Openings Pop!

This class is about openings. All your openings, not just the first opening in your book.

The opening of your first chapter needs to carry powerful content, and powerful structure and style.

The opening of every scene and every chapter needs to hook the reader with content and structure and style too.

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Dec, 2022: Two-Week Intensive On Show, Not Tell

How many times have you heard this…and not quite known how to do it? Or gotten this comment back in a critique? This most basic of writing concepts can also be one of the most difficult to master in the beginning. Join New York Times bestselling author Shirley Jump in the two-week Intensive On Show, Not Tell as she leads an interactive workshop that gives you easy, manageable tips that will have you bringing your fiction to life right away. Hands-on homework with feedback helps you actually see the difference between telling and showing and employ the techniques in class.

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Dec, 2022: Biz Smarts for Writers

Are you running your writing like a business?  A better question may be “Should you run your writing like a business?”

The answer is: YES!! 

It’s not hard. Really! But most writers don’t think they need to be a business, mostly because so few of us make appreciable money at it. But it’s possible that utilizing some simple business practices, your writing income may change. And that would be a good thing.

Biz Smarts for Writers will talk about smart, doable, workable items.

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Dec, 2022: Writing Flash Fiction

Have you ever thought of writing flash fiction, but didn’t, because you didn’t know where to start? Writing short can be tricky – you have to make every word count to convey a compelling, complete story in 100-1500 words. Laura will teach you how, helping you decide what to write about, how to develop standout characters in situations that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

You’ll craft a story in class, and we’ll pore over every word to make them shine! But wait, there’s more! You’ll learn advanced wordsmith skills that will help with all your writing, short or long!

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Button Magnet, Rectangle (1 & 10 pcs)

Never forget how to handle yellow in the EDITS system again! Add a touch of character on any metal surface with these button magnets. Available in 1-packs or 10-packs, these rectangle magnets feature a metal shell front with a magnetic backing. On the front, you'll find a clear mylar/UV cover that protects against fading and […]

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Creative Imagery: A New Superpower for Writers

Fiction writers need superpowers. Let creative imagery become one of yours!

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Tracking Tension and the Fizzle Factor

You know your story needs tension, ideally tension on every page.

Want to learn how to optimize tension with body language and visceral responses?

Want to learn how to be strategic with style and structure so your tension carries the most power?

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Dialogue Cues Mouse Pad

Whether writing, editing, or gaming, this 9x7 inch mouse pad delivers a smooth experience with a custom flair. Bright colors help you remember to make your dialogue cues worthy of a Margie NYT! Meanwhile, the 0.11" thickness along with the stitched edges, add extra resilience and a professional feel to the mousepad. .: Rectangular shape.: […]

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Dialogue Cues Mouse Pad (EU)

An appealing accent for your desk, this high quality mousepad is designed to provide a smooth, consistent, and durable surface. Never forget ways to empower your dialogue cues again! .: 4 mm thick Neoprene.: Non-Slip.: Full print

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Fast-Track Your Creativity

Learn unexpected ways to freshen your ideas and your writing with deep edit expert and creative psychologist, Margie Lawson. Margie will teach you how to see your scenes, notice things you’ve missed, feel your POV character’s emotions, and share what you've learned on the page in powerful ways.

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Get Strategic with Style and Structure!

You can make a sell-more-books difference if you’re strategic on every page.

Learn Margie’s Top 8 Ways to be Strategic with Style and Structure:

  1. Add power to high emotion scenes and turning points.
  2. Create a sense of urgency and increase tension.
  3. Boost style and make the reader smile.
  4. Make openings and endings pop.
  5. Deepen characterization.
  6. Slip in the POV character’s age and other hits of backstory
  7. Theme to make your writing cool and help you write NYT-fresh!
  8. Give your writing a boost with power words and backloading and switchback lines.
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Making Silence Boom!

Silence happens—in real life and on the page. But sometimes when writers share silence on the page it’s blah-blah bland. Powerless. It’s stated, then the scene continues.

But in real life, what happens when a room goes silent?

How you convey silence on the page needs to be fresh and powerful.

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