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Swag for Authors, Publishing Professionals, & other Creatives

Do you want to engage your target audience (readers, bloggers, book reviewers, authors, clients, and customers)? Do you want them to remember your name and/or brand? Do you want their friends to check out your books and services? Giving quality swag away to these influencers is a proven way to increase word of mouth sales and turn one-time customers into repeat customers.

In this master class in hands on marketing you will learn:

  • Why swag works
  • How to narrow down the choices until you find the perfect swag for your book, business, and/or brand.
  • How to save money by creating your own swag (video tutorials)

Who should take this course:

  • Pre-published authors—Build your audience and buzz for your book
  • Published authors—Thank your readers, and continue to build your audience and buzz for your books
  • Freelance editors, publishing professionals, & other creatives—Keep your name and services in front of your clients and prospective clients

Course overview

Lesson 1 – the psychology behind swag

  • citing recognized studies
  • a discussion on the impact of swag on consumers
  • the most effective promotional products for creatives

Lesson 2 – A detailed look at Julie’s collected swag over the past 10 years (photos + video discussion)

  • what worked
  • what didn’t work

Lesson 3 – what the promotional companies can do for you

  • Large batch orders (for big events)
  • quantity vs quality?
  • how to get a deal or discount

Lesson 4 – what individual artists (Etsy) can do for you

  • Unique
  • customized
  • Items you can’t make yourself because they require a specific skill

Lesson 5 – What you can do for yourself

  • Do It Yourself projects for large and small batch items
  • Cost effective
  • create the exact number of items you need
  • customize to your brand, series, and/or individual book, profession, or service

DIY Projects – all projects include:

  • a cost breakdown
  • material lists with links to suppliers
  • photos and written instructions  
  • video tutorials.
    • Project #1 – bookmark
    • Project #2 – greeting card
    • Project #3 – post-it-note cover
    • Project #4 – tissue box
    • Project #5 – small & large notebooks
    • Project #6 – candy book
    • Project #7 – tea wallet
    • Project #8 – Exploding box card
    • Project #9 – folded book


Julie Rowe

Julie Rowe’s first career as a medical lab technologist in Canada took her to the North West Territories and northern Alberta, where she still resides. She is the author of the Biological Response Team series, The Outbreak Task Force series, and the Trapped with Him series. You can find out more about her books at her website, on Twitter @julieroweauthor, or at her Facebook page:




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