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Just for You Mentorship - Rhay Christou

Just-for-You Intensive Mentorship

Two weeks, ten pages, a just-for-you-intensive Finished up Nano or just have a first draft a second draft, a draft four-hundred-twenty-two, and don’t know what to do? Two weeks, ten pages, a just-for-you intensive mentorship is perfect for you. We’ve all taken classes, sat through workshops and lectures and often felt this isn’t what I …

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Killing It with Conflict

Killing It with Conflict – Intensive

Conflict. Conflict. Conflict. Conflict, conflict, conflict builds tension.  We’ve heard the tension-refrain at conferences, in workshops and in books. We know we must have tension. Tension on every page. So, we wrote stories filled with murders, thefts, lost hope, arguments, sword fights, gun battles, chase scenes.  You name it, we threw all kinds of conflict …

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