Margie Lawson

Becky Rawnsley

Becky Rawnsley

Becky Rawnsley is a physical
therapist from the UK. She started writing as a hobby some twenty years
ago, but realized if she was ever going to get off the slush-pile and
onto the shelves, she needed help. Hunting for answers, she stumbled
across Margie’s website and struck writing-gold.

Becky is now a
multi-Margie, multi-LWA and Immersion grad, and has discovered a passion
for deepening her understanding of writing craft. Her work now
regularly finals in contests. She is keen to share the magic of Margie’s
Big Three courses to help fellow writers bring their work to the next
level—and beyond!

Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues

Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues

Learn how to write body language and dialogue cues from a kinesics specialist.  Writers will learn how to write fresh: Body Language Basics:  facial messages, lips, eyes, chin, full facial expression, flicker-face, gestures, posture, hierarchical zones . . . Body Language Clusters Avoidance and deception cues Vibes – beyond spidey senses and hair-raising Turning Points …

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Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices and More

Deep Editing, Rhetorical Devices, & More

DEEP EDITING is for the writer who wants to psychologically impact the unconscious of the reader. For the writer who wants to learn fresh editing techniques. For the writer who wants to edit for power. Participants will: Learn the EDITS System and take it deeper. See the interplay of patterns on the page and analyze what’s needed to strengthen …

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Empowering Characters' Emotions

Empowering Characters Emotions

Want to add a psychological punch to your writing and editing? Want to learn how to capture the full range of body language on the page? Want to turn your work into a page-turner by powering up emotion and hooking the reader viscerally? Look forward to learning: The EDITS System Basic, complex, empowered, and super …

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