Tech Tips for the Busy Writer

Instructor: Julia Hunter

September 6 – 30, 2011

Fee: $30

Most of us feel we don’t have enough time to learn new technologies. However, there are easy-to-use gadgets that provide significant time savings and convenience. Most items presented in the course are either free or under $50. Please don’t think you need to spend a fortune for quality products!

The research has been done for you, including expert interviews. Just sign up and pick from the ideas that best suit your lifestyle, preferences and budget.

1. Cloud Computing. Always have the most recent document version available for everyone in your group i.e. critique group, conference committee

2. Back-ups. Why you need it and how to do it

3. Managing accounts and passwords. Hassle-free gadgets with maximum protection

4. Travel gadgets. Whether you’re at a coffee shop or in a hotel

5. Social Networking on the Go. Learn shortcuts to maximize these time-suckers

6. Offline Blogging. This is one of the biggest time-savers for high volume bloggers

7. Website tips. Experts will review the sites of up to10 volunteers from the class

8. Writer software. Review of software packages that can help from research to plotting

9. Ultimate Accessibility. Access your desk computer from a remote computer, online conferencing, “phone calls” over the internet

10. Topic TBD. Participants take a poll on Day 1 for this topic, and Julia will write a lesson for the most popular topic that can be researched within the class timeframe.

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