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Rhay's Just for You Class a Hit

I just finished Rhay's Just for You Class, which was wonderful. It was a small class, very intimate, and enormously productive. I highly recommend this and other of her classes.

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Stacey Jackson: 14 Margie classes (LWA COURSES) in 7 months (incl. 2 pkts and 1 virtual immersion)

Wow. Just wow. I have witnessed the magic of Margie. There are so many classes offered through Lawson Writer's Academy, so many I plan to take, and so many to take again. It’d be crazy to go a month without one.


Because my writing has gone from ordinary to extraordinary, from forgettable to fantastic, from kindergarten to college, just like that, in seven short months, including a virtual immersion class.

My critique partners are top of the heap Margie grads, grads who GET IT, grads who push me. Gratitude.

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Christy Monsoon – Diving Deep into POV

I wasn't going to take this class. I already had too much on my plate, but a critique group member dogged me until I signed up. Goodness! Am I glad I did. I've learned so much. I've read books on POV and have even taught classes about it, BUT I haven't really applied it to […]

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Ashley Bostock - Diving Deep into POV

I've really enjoyed learning every aspect of this class. I love how interactive and timely you've been on responding to everyone's posted assignments. You have such a positive attitude and that alone makes all the difference. I know all of the assignments we did will only be beneficial to my writing and aid in the […]

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Caren Gallimore - Brilliant Blurbs

This is a dynamite class with a top-notch teacher. This was the class that got my novel published.

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Menaka Ganesathasan

I knew as soon as I saw Lori's edit of my first pages during the Feb, 2018: Editing Magic class that I needed serious help. I didn't have the time to enroll in more of Lori's classes, and so decided to ask for her help on a one-to-one basis. She's not just a line editor […]

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Kelly Nusz

Lori's class gave me the opportunity to focus on a specific chapter of my book throughout the course of a month. She gave my work an intense overhaul and what came out was a much tighter, cohesive piece. She gave me honest and serious critiques while at the same time encouraging my work. She is […]

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