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"Normally, writing books and such are useless to me. They are too dry in their approach and do not present the information in a way I find usable. Only Donald Maass's book has worked for me in the past. But the moment I saw your comments on Jeri Smith-Ready's website and your website, I had hope that your approach would be workable for me.

Well, I got sooo much out of your class last fall! Four things really stuck with me: adding pink, making descriptions fresh, adding a touch of ping-pong dialogue, and using the EDITS system to check the balance of the scene to see if anything is missing.

I'm not saying that if you looked at my manuscript, you would see enough of these things all the time -- but you'd sure see a lot more than there used to be. I felt so good when my husband (award-winning author) read a phrase of my pink and exclaimed, "Oh, that's good. I've never heard it phrased that way before!"

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