Margie Lawson

Make your writing soar


Margie, I hear you in my head and I use your lessons.

Here are some ways I apply your lessons:

  • When I know a scene isn't working and I don't know why, I get out my multiple highlighters and EDITS the hell out of it. That always tells me why it's "wrong."
  • When the emotion of this memoir is too much for me, I think about all the families that need this story, and suck it up.
  • When I want to be lazy or I hate a sentence, I hear your voice telling me that cliches and boring sentences are an invitation to readers skip or put down a story.
  • When I don't want to write, I hear you in my head saying "NYT! NYT!" and it draws me to the keyboard to "earn me some of that."
Thanks for sharing so the people who haven't had the joy of Immersing with you can hear a version of your voice in their heads too.

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