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The Fiction Writer's Future

The Fiction Writer's Future! Stay ahead of the curve. Join Kathleen Baldwin for a frank discussion about shifts in publishing, the AI intrusion, how readers are changing, what to expect in the future, and how to reach and keep YOUR readers in this changing marketplace.

★AI—the giant robot in the room. How is AI changing our writing world? Is it going to put authors out of a job? No, but learn why not and how to use the AI intrusion to your advantage.

★The current traditional publishing crisis no one is talking about and how to navigate those choppy waters.

★Streaming video has radically changed storytelling. Even old people are turning to video streaming. How will it impact what they want to read? How does it change what you should be writing—how and why?

★We’ll talk about the extraordinary influence of Asian plotting and the way it is changing Western storytelling and your readers’ expectation. Bring in titles of some of your favorite streaming video series.   

★Videos and anime have changed/and are changing younger readers. What kind of stories will be popular with the next generation?

★What is Transmedia? How can writers take advantage of this exciting development in the market and increase their visibility to readers?

★Discover the secret sauce that actually sells books? It's not what you think. Learn what it is and how to take advantage of it. (PS: It is not advertising on Amazon)

★What does today’s reader expect from authors? Learn how and where to find YOUR unique readers and build a stronger connection with them.


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“Master of the unexpected,” Kathleen Baldwin, is a Wall Street Journal, #1 Barnes & Noble, and Amazon bestselling author who enchants readers worldwide with over 650,000 books in the hands of readers around the globe. A Japanese publisher adapted one of her novels into a manga. Ian Bryce, producer of Transformers, optioned her series for film.

Kathleen loves real life adventures. She taught rock climbing in the Rockies, tackled white water on the Colorado, survival camped alone in the desert and mountains, and inadvertently slept beside a mountain lion. She’s married to her very own hero and raised four adventurous children.

Kathleen’s alternate history for teens, A SCHOOL FOR UNUSUAL GIRLS, was a Junior Library Guild selection. The New York Times called it “enticing from the first sentence.” Kansas State NEA gave it a starred review in their “Best of the Best” for High Schools. It was awarded the Spirit of Texas for middle school reading programs. Scholastic licensed her series for school book fairs, and REFUGE FOR MASTERMINDS won a 2018 Booksellers’ Best award. Ian Bryce, producer of Transformers, Saving Private Ryan, and other blockbuster films, optioned the series for film. The series is currently under its fifth film option.




A Class worth taking again and again! Sign me up for more with Kathleen!

February 19, 2021

TAKE.THIS.CLASS. You will not regret it-- published yet or not. Kathleen is enthusiastic and insightful and shares a wealth of knowledge about Storytelling -as Marketing and Branding and more.

Marie Parsons

Sign me up for all Kathleen's classes! This was superb!

February 18, 2021

A. DON'T. MISS. CLASS. Kathleen has her finger on the pulse of the future of your business and she's willing to share all the secrets. Kathleen's easy and fun teaching style is only outdone by her outstanding knowledge.

Dee Armstrong

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