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Dare Devil Dachshund on tightropeTriple Pass Deep Edit:

This may be the psychologically-based critique you need.  I cover everything I teach, including:

    • strengthening nuanced emotion and visceral emotion
    • writing fresh
    • empowering cadence
    • using rhetorical devices where it counts
    • picking up pace
    • using the full range of body language and dialogue cues
  • making it all flow.

Everything I teach is trumped by flow. No speedbumps.

Deep Editing empowers writing to create an emotionally-gripping page-turner. My detailed deep edit comments explain why and how. I want my deep edit critique to teach you how to deep edit for psychological power.

I also share KUDOS. 🙂

If you're a multi-Margie grad (minimum, Empowering Characters' Emotions and Deep Editing), feel free to contact me for the specifics. Thanks!


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