Writing Craft 1 for Sisters in Crime, New England

This course is for members of Sisters in Crime, New England

Course Description:

Want to add a psychological punch to your writing and editing?

Want to learn how to capture the full range of body language on the page?

Want to turn your WIP into a page-turner by powering up emotion and hooking the reader viscerally?

The 350+ pages of lectures will cover the following topics – and more:

The EDITS System • Four Levels of Powering Up Emotion • Overview of Body Language and Dialogue Cues • Top Ten Rhetorical Devices for Fiction Wrters • Fresh Visceral Responses • Cliché-busting • Motivation Reaction Units • Ideomotoric shifts • Subtext Power • Emotional Authenticity • Backstory Management • Emotional Hits • Deep Editing techniques • Rhythm and Cadence and Beats


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