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Writing Steampunk from Aether to Zeppelin

Are you still trying to figure out Steampunk?  Do you have an idea for a Steampunk story but aren't sure what to start?  Are you in the middle of a Steampunk manuscript and need a little help?

Whether you just want to learn what all the buzz is about or have specific spots you need to work on, "Writing Steampunk from Aether to Zeppelin" can help.

Grab your brass goggles and parasols join us while we learn about Steampunk and the mechanics of a Steampunk story.

Topics covered include: What is Steampunk, Steampunk Subgenres, Worldbuilding and Ideology, elements of a Steampunk novel, Steampunk characters and archetypes, science and technology, the roles of women, the darker side of Steampunk, Steampunk across the genres, steampunk beyond the written word, and additional resources.  All genres from kidlit to Steamypunk and all levels of knowledge and manuscript development are welcome.

Course Overview

Lesson 1 -- What is Steampunk
Lesson 2 -- Steampunk for Everyone!
Lesson 3 -- Elements of a Steampunk Novel
Lesson 4 -- The Punk in Steampunk
Lesson 5 -- Science, Gadgets, and Technology
Lesson 6 -- Writing Steampunk Technology
Lesson 7 -- Aesthetic
Lesson 8 -- The Darker Side of Steampunk
Lesson 9 -- Worldbuilding Basics
Lesson 10 -- Common Worldbuilding Elements: A Far from Comprehensive List
Lesson 11 -- Steampunk Worldbuilding
Lesson 12 -- Language and Dialogue
Lesson 13 -- Characterization
Lesson 14 -- Research
Lesson 15 -- Beyond Steampunk


Suzanne Lazear

Suzanne Lazear is the author of the young adult steampunk fairytale series THE AETHER CHRONICLES and the new adult elfpunk series THE SECRET LIVES OF ROCKSTARS. An avid baker and crafter, she lives in Southern California with her daughter, husband, a cockatiel, and a small army of stuffed animals. Learn more about her at



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