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The Power of Touch: From Benevolent to Malevolent


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It’s easy to write sentences about touch. It takes a few more brain cells to change your approach, amplify, and make those lines carry incredible emotional power.

Touch. From caring to daring. From sweet to heat. From love to shove. From trying to lying. From willing to killing. From benevolence to malevolence.

In this 90-minute webinar, we’ll cover all that plus:

  1. How to use my four levels of amplification.
  2. How to go deep by sharing the impact on the POV character.
  3. How to use the twelve stages of intimacy.
  4. How to play up anti-touch and touchy-feely characters.
  5. How to assess touch indicators to determine if a character is lying.
  6. How to be unpredictable with touch.
  7. How to use touch to increase tension in your scenes.

Watch the recording and make writing touch one of your strengths. I’ll show you how!


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